Scanned Felonies (OC x Slenderman)(Series) 1

Ch. 29 -A Detective with a Criminal?-

__________________________________ Spot's blush deepened as Slenderman's kisses grew hungry. She knew for a fact that she needed to stop him now, before things got.... let's just say 'worse'... "S-Slender... stop..." She managed to gasp out between kisses. Slender whimpered angrily and stopped, sitting himself up and straightening his tie. "D-d[]epest apologi[]s..." He said, clearing his throat. Spot shook her head. "I understand completely... from what I've seen via internet, you've never known what love is." She said. The faceless Creepypasta nodded sadly. "It's [] new feeling for m[]..." He sighed. An awkward silence cut its way through the two. Spot coughed and spoke up awkwardly, "We're still enemies, right?-" Slender interrupted her with his booming voice, "Abs[]lutely." Spot nodded, flexing her hand and standing to her feet. "I'll just... casually walk over here..." She smirked and walked away from the faceless man, knowing he couldn't resist chasing her down. "Oh, n[] you don't..." He growled. "Oh yeah? What's stopping me?" Spot chided, still walking away from him. She thought she was in the clear... she was in the forest when thundering static pierced her ears. The female growled out her pain and tried to cover her ears the best she could... She fell to her knees. Spot struggled to look up, only to become increasingly dizzy as she saw rapidly changing trees- either that, or Slenderman was teleporting around wildly, faster than her eyes could follow. Spot groaned, closing her eyes and forcing herself to her feet. The detective spit blood onto the ground and opened her eyes to glare ahead. She didn't plan on letting Slender take advantage of her again... she needed to be strong this time. Spot suddenly leaned backward, avoiding a tentacle that was about to whack her unconscious. "Missed..." She spat more blood on the ground, coughing through the static. "N[], I didn't..." He hissed back, whacking her from behind. Spot fell forward, but quickly caught herself on a tree. 'I have to last through it long enough to run to the car...' She thought. Promptly, as that thought flew into her head, she spotted her phone lying in the grass. The female detective was about to run to it, but stopped in her tracks as Slenderman appeared in front of it, tentacles waving about angrily and his mouth ripped open- tongue hanging out and dripping with blood. Spot assumed a battle stance with her left foot in front of her, and her right foot behind her. She clenched her hands into fists while growling out, "Stubborn one, you are... Nonetheless-" She dodged a tentacle and grabbed ahold of it. "I'll get to you..." A tentacle grabbed ahold of her wrist, but Spot pulled her arm back and stepped on it before slicing the tentacle off. A high-pitched squeal left Slenderman's mouth- the thick covering of static growing louder. "O-one way..." Spot coughed out and took an opportune lunge for her phone, grabbing it up in her hands. Unfortunately, she twisted her ankle in the process and let out a hiss of anger through her gritted teeth. Slender loomed over her, a deep malicious growl emitting from the back of his throat. Spot quickly opened up her SOS flashlight app and pointed it at Slender. She snarled and turned it on, "Or ANOTHER!" The blinking light both scared Slender, and irritated him. He let out an animalistic snarl before teleporting away. Spot smirked and turned the light off. The female detective heaved herself to her feet, using a nearby tree for support. The battery in her cell phone was half full... she hoped it would last her until she finally got out of the woods. Spot's dark blue eyes searched the woods for anything else that was willing to chase her, but she saw nothing. With a happy sigh, she ran away from the crime scene. Only one thought was running through her mind at the time, 'Get out, get home, lock up the house...' Spot was in view of her car now, and flung open the drivers door, shutting it behind her. The young detective panted for air. Her ankle was growing numb and started to throb. Finally, she breathed in slowly and started up the car, turning around and driving away from the forest- back into civilization.___________ "Mickey, you were RIGHT!" Spot gasped for air. Mickey, who was sitting on the floor, leaped to her feet. "Wait, what? Spot, what am I right about?!" She questioned. Silver was feeling Spot's twisted ankle and abruptly twisted it to the left, popping it back into place. Spot hissed out, biting her tongue and blocking a scream from coming out. "S-Slenderman DID kiss me! He... He loves me, Mickey!" The 12 year old fist-pumped the air and cried out her victory. "Yesss! I was right!-" She stopped herself when she received a glare from Silver. "I-I mean, sorry, Spot... stay calm, he's probably just mistook love for hatred." Spot nodded. She highly doubted that, though... "Oh, and Silver?..." Spot directed her dark-blue eyes to her companion. "Yes, Spot?" He replied, his eyes flickering in the afternoon light. "I can talk to him... I can talk to Slenderman..." Silver's eyes widened before glazing over. He fell to the floor, fainted. Spot chuckled, "I expected that would happen..." She murmured. Dodger came into the room, his tail wagging as he looked at Spot- but when he saw Silver on the ground, he quickly ran over to him and heaved the man onto his back. Spot watched as Dodger carried Silver upstairs. "I need to think..." Spot sighed, getting back on her feet and walking out to the garage, but she stopped when she saw lots of tools and what looked like a clump of metal on a bench. "Mickey?" Spot called over her shoulder, getting into her Saab. Mickey rushed into the garage. "Yes, Spot?" She chirped. Spot pointed over to the bench and questioned, "What's that for?" Mickey followed the direction of Spot's hand and smiled, "Oh! That's my work bench... I figured I could have the garage as my room..." Spot nodded, starting the car up and driving out of the garage. The female detective drove through the neighborhood until she came to a peaceful cliff She parked her car in a nearby ice-cream shop's parking lot- shutting the car off and pulling some unmarked files out from the glove compartment. Spot practically leaped out of the car and sprinted up to the cliff- but she knew not to look down on the other side, or else she would probably kill herself... She shivered, deciding to sit down a little ways away from the sheer drop as she shuffled through the files. However, she froze up as she found a picture of her younger self among them. A smile crept onto her face as she examined her young face... pure-blue eyes, a cheery smile... Spot frowned. What happened to all that? She couldn't remember. A sigh escaped her lips.... She began to wonder how Slenderman came to love her... "How can anyone love me?..." She spoke aloud, "I'm just a worthless detective..." A bag was suddenly thrown over her head, and she was knocked out from behind.

Deep within the chamber of a black heart, there is a burning passion.
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