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chapter 10 : Step 8

lexi Marie’s pov

Sungmin: Lexi, can I talk to you?Hmm? Sungmin looks serious. Wonder what this is about? Suga looked at him. Sungmin glared at Suga then looked at me."Come on Lex. This is important." He grabbed my arm."Ow. Sungmin..." I looked at him.Suga: Don't grab her like that.He pulled me to his side."This is none of your business. Lex come with me, now." He grabbed me again."Sungmin, why are you so mad?""Just come with me okay?" He pulled me."But! Ow!"Suga: She doesn't wanna go with you so back the hell off!He grabbed my hand and pulled me to his side again. He glared at Sungmin."You think you're slick don't you. You're the lowest and most pathetic poor excuse of a man I have ever laid eyes on." He spat on the floor. "Don't you dare come near me again." He looked at me. "Lexi, all I'm going to say is be careful."After he said those words he walked away.Why? What's that supposed to mean? I looked at Suga. He looked back at me."Are you okay?" He asked."Yeah. Thanks..." I said but I was curious.What did Sungmin mean by that? He called Suga a poor excuse of a man. But why?The bell rang."I'll see you later" Suga said."Umm, yeah. I'll see you later." I said and walked to class.


Shit. Dylan must've told Sungmin, ugh. What am I going to do if she finds out? Damn it! I went in search for Dylan.I pushed him against the lockers. "Why the hell did guy tell that idiot?!""Woah. Suga, bro. Calm down. What're you talking about?" He asked."Sungmin knows! He was about to tell Marie!" I yelled."Sungmin? Nah, he's not going to say anything. I already had a talk with him just chill and stick to the plan okay?" He said.I took a deep breath and let go of him."It better stay that way." I said and walked away.Jin walked beside me. Oh great. He must've heard...."What are you planning to do?" He asked.I sighed. "Jin, you'll be thanking me later. This is something I need to do not just for me but all of us.""And what's that pray tell?" He asked."Look, I can't say. All I know is I need to in order to take our career to a new level. Jin, once I'm done with all this and we'll get our ticket to fame easy alright?""Suga, just think it through before you act." He looked at me. "Marie's changed in a good way. She's not the same girl you used to despise and you know it."I hate when he talks like this. It's making me feel a bit guilty for what I have in store for her...but I have to....Tiffany: You guys coming to Lex's birthday bash? I mean she doesn't know she's gonna have one. I've been planning it secretly and I'm passing out invitations. So, you guys are coming right???She handed us an invitation.V: I'll be there for sure.Jungkook: What's the theme?Tiffany: Las Vegas. So you know come in something fancy like a white suit or I don't know. There's gonna be actual casino games, drinks, entertainment etc. it's gonna be great. I just know she's going to love it.I want to get this over with already. Her birthday is in a couple of days but I want to end it ASAP. Of course I HAVE to wait for her birthday that was the deal.Tiffany: Suga, promise you won't tell her anything okay?I nodded. "Sure thing."The guilt just keeps sinking in deeper.

lexi Marie’s pov

Suga's been really distant lately. He doesn't come over nor does he invite to his parents, for the past 2 weeks he's been acting so weird. Have I gotten fat? Maybe it's because I haven't had a haircut yet? Maybe it's the new perfume? Hmm, what could it be? I looked in the mirror. My birthday is tomorrow and I wish to look my best for school. I think I'll call in my stylist and change my look, maybe it'll spark his interest again? I smiled to myself as I thought about it. I think I'll tell him for sure how I feel. Actually, I'll write it out. Yeah a love note. I'll give it to him after school and hope he'll say something positive. If he doesn't I'll just tell him it's best we just end it, after all it'll be awkward after that right? Then we can both get on with our lives. I took a deep breath. Let's do this!The next morning ~~~~~~~~Stella: Happy Birthday Ms. Marie~"Good Morning Stella." I smiled. "Thank you"Stella: Oh my just look at you. You looks gorgeous, I love your hair."He did such a wonderful job, didn't he?" I smiled. "Oh, I'll be going somewhere with Tiffany tonight. She says she's taking me to dinner so don't make anything for me when I get home kay?"Stella: As you wish ma'am.I felt so cheerful and happy, today is going to be a great day. As I walked merrily down the stairs, all of the servants wished me a happy birthday. I was really excited to see everyone at school and I really hope that Suga likes my new look.Sebastian: Ah, the vibrant and beautiful birthday girl. You're looking extra beautiful today."Aw, thanks Seba." I smiled.He opened the door for me and we were off to school.When I arrived, I felt like a celebrity. Everyone was at the gate and when I stepped foot on campus everyone said happy birthday to me. A girl gave me a bouquet of flowers and a boy gave me the cutest bear. I felt really loved. This actually felt like they wanted to do this, before it felt played out and fake. Like they were just kissing my ass but if feels different this year. I guess it's because I'm all nice to them now, it's a huge difference. I walked to my locker.Jin: Happy Birthday~"Hey Jin." I smiled. "Thank you"He hugged me then pulled away.Jin: :o your hair! I like it ^^ you look beautiful."Thank you~ I got it done yesterday. I kinda needed a little change you know?" I said.Jin: Nah. You were just as beautiful before as you are now.He's so sweet.Jimin: Birthday girl! Aye!...woah! Look at you lookin all cute."Heh. Thanks Jimin."Jimin hugged me.Jimin: Ohh n you smell really nice too."Thanks" I smiled.Jungkook: Ah~ Happy birthday~~~He hugged me. I smiled and hugged him back. "Thank you kookie"Jungkook: You look SO pretty. I like your hair~"Aw. Thanks." I smiled.V, Jhope, Rap Mon all said happy birthday as well. But Suga was nowhere to be found. They said he was here but I don't see him, maybe he's doing something important. I hope I get to see him though before I go home.Before heading to class I crammed the note into his locker. I'm too chicken to give it to him personally.


This is it....the moment of truth. The day I break Marie's heart, the day I become her enemy for good. It's almost time. I've been avoiding her all day, I can't possibly see her not until it's time. I took a deep breath.Sungmin: can I just say something?I turned around. "What?"He looked at me. His expression was serious."What you're about to do...have you thought about how it'll affect her?" He asks."It won't. You know why? Because she doesn't like me and she's been paying me to be her boyfriend. All to get Dylan off her back. This isn't about me, this is about them, they both pretty much used me to get back at each other so don't lecture me or try to make me feel guilt." I said."Idiot. You're going lose it all and you're going to hurt someone who doesn't deserve to be hurt." He said."Oh? Like you're one to talk, you've been cheating on Tiffany haven't you? Don't act like a saint because you're not. Everyone even Tiffany knows damn well who you've been creeping around with. She chooses to remain calm and hope that you'll stop but clearly you don't love her enough to do that. You're a joke Sungmin. Before you lecture me I think you should practice what you preach." I said and walked away.The last bell rang. I needed to hurry, I walked quickly and saw that she walked out of her classroom. She spotted me and smiled. My eyes widened. Wow, she's....beautiful. Her hair, it's different. She walked towards me. She went natural on the makeup today too. She's breath taking."Hey Suga.""Um, hey. What's up?""Nothing really, just getting out of class. notice anything different?" She asked.I do. Lots."No. Why? Is there something different?" I asked.Marie...I'm sorry."Nothing? At all?" She asked and touched her hair.I shook my head. "No. Well, actually...."Her eyes lit up."You're not wearing make-up. What's up with that?" I asked.Her smile faded. "Oh. I just thought I'd try to be more natural you know?""No, not really." I said. "But listen since you're here, I need to talk to you""Okay. Sure." She looked at me.I noticed people began to stare. I took a deep breath."Marie, I'm breaking up with you"Everyone became silent, there's a lot of people listening. I need to keep going."It's over. I don't want to be with you; as a matter of fact I never wanted to be. The only reason I was even with you is… were paying me."Everyone gasped and began whispering amongst themselves."What are you doing...." She looked at me."What was that? Why don't you ask a bit louder so everyone can hear?" I looked at her.She looked around and saw everyone staring. She looked back at me."You thought you were using me? No, I was the one getting paid. You're the tool. You're nothing but a pathetic, lonely, bratty rich girl. No one likes you Lexi. Hell, you don't even like yourself! You are so pathetic you had to pay someone to be your boyfriend and for what? To get back at Dylan! That's why you did it didn't you?" I looked at her.Girl 1: Wow, what a low life.Girl 2: So unclassyBoy 1: Wow. She's a fake.Boy 2: She should be ashamed.She stayed quiet which made people around whisper even more cruel things."I never liked you Marie. I've always despised you, this moment right here is what I wanted to do from the moment I laid eyes on you. If you would've asked me out or even told me that you had feelings for me, I would've laughed in your face and told you that you're the most ugly and idiotic person I know. I would've rejected you in a split second. Just the sight of you is enough to make me puke, you're so repulsive that not even your parents can stand being with you. So just imagine the torment I felt, I mean, at least the money was worth it. So know that you know how I've truly felt these past 8 months, I'm happy to say that the deal is off." I said.There's no taking these words back. I just know she'll lash out at me. I'm waiting for it...but she stayed quiet. Her eyes began to water then she opened her mouth to speak."I-..."Girl 1: Shut up! Loser!Girl 2: Yeah, why cry when you can just pay someone else to replace Yoongi? Ahaha.Girl 3: at this rate just imagine how much money she'll give the next guy.Girl 4: Pathetic fool. She doesn't deserve to be among us.Girl 5: Poor Yoongi~ suffering all for a couple of bucks.Boy 1: Who's to say she wasn't paying Dylan?Boy 2: She probably was.Boy 3: Hey Lexi. I'll be your boyfriend and I'll even give you a discount.They bursted into laughter.She looked around at everyone then she looked at me."I hope you're satisfied. I'm glad you got what you wanted and that I know you're true feelings towards me...." The tears began streaming down her face.What have I done....She pushed people out of her way and ran out the doors. I felt bad...every word I said left a scar. She really isn't the arrogant, bratty, annoying, sassy, conceited, bitchy and prideful girl I met.After the crowd dispersed, I walked to my locker.Jhope: How could you do such a thing?Jungkook: What did she ever do to you?!V: Suga that's the lowest thing you've ever done!Jimin: Why'd you do it man? She was really hurt."I did it for us okay? Because I did that, we now have a record deal. It's a good deal too. We'll be living the dream, what we always wanted" I said.Rap Mon: At what cost? Someone's suffering? If rather earn a record deal than bash someone and break them to the point of crying in front of 50+ people.Jin: Yeah. We get famous and what of Marie? Heart broken and life ruined? Because of you everyone will judge her for the rest of her school years and she'll be known for paying for affection. Thanks to you.Tiffany: Suga!I turned around.*SLAP*"How dare you say such things! Thanks to you, everything's ruined! Why did you do such a thing?! Marie is broken because of you! If you ever come near her again I swear you will regret it. I'll make your life a living hell! To think she even liked you! Jerk!" She yelled.Liked? Marie liked me? No. There's no way.I looked at Tiffany. "Look. Don't take your anger out on me just because Sungmin doesn't want you anymore! Why don't you go slap him across the face cuz I bet he's with that girl right now instead of backing you up!"Her eyes widened and her expression of anger had turned into sorrow."You know. Sungmin may be a cheater but what of you? Sungmin at the the end of the day comes back to me. Stop focusing on his flaws and focus on yours, what he does is forgivable. But what you did today was definitely unforgivable and I hope you suffer for it. Excuse me boys..." She looked at the others and walked away.I sighed.Jin: You can take that record deal yourself. I'm not taking part of it.Jungkook: Me either.V: At this point, Suga I don't even want to be friends.Rap Mon: You wanted that record deal, now you have it but don't expect us to support you. I'm out.Jimin: Marie doesn't and didn't deserve that. I'm sorry but you can do it solo.Jhope: Enjoy your fame Suga cuz you sure worked hard to get it.They walked away and didn't listen to me when I called out. I punched my locker and sighed. Shit. I'd better just go home, I know isn't going to want to see me today. As a matter of fact it'll be a long while before he starts talking to me.I opened my locker to grab my history book. Hmm? An envelope. I grabbed it, in very neat cursive handwriting it said, 'Suga'. I opened the envelope and there was a letter inside. From the scent of the perfume, I already knew it was from her. Do I really want to read what it says? I took a deep breath and unfolded it.'Dear Suga,Where do I begin? How do I start?Well, first off I want to say thank you. I never thought a peasant like you could ever change someone as narrow minded as me. I've never met anyone like you but I'm glad I did, you made me realize so many things and made me fix my wrongs. Even though we were always arguing we've managed to get along quite well don't you think? Haha. But this is far from a thank you letter. See, I've been wanting to tell you something for quite sometime, I've just been too afraid because of what your reaction might be. But here goes it goes......I cannot put in words how I feel about you when I see you walk by. These intense feelings will never go away until I can have you in my arms, and that you realize that there is only one girl for you and it is me. Everyday, I hope that you will come into my life and tell me how you feel because what I feel for you exists only inside my heart. You are the only guy that can understand me, and you can only reach it; I give you the key, please unlock what you know can be the love you can only dream of. You are beautiful and I can't help but fall for you deeper every day. I can only hope that the day will arrive when you look deep into my eyes and you tell me what I have been waiting to hear: that you love me the same way I'm thinking of you always.I don't know how else to put it. It's how I feel. You know being with you makes me feel like somebody, it makes me feel like myself. I don't feel alone or like just another rich person in this upper class society. I feel at home with you, I can tell you anything, something I can't even do with Tiffany sometimes. You welcomed me into your home and I knew what it was like to have a family. In my eyes you're the rich man and I the poor man, you've got things money will never be able to buy. Which is why I'm confessing my feelings because I don't want to pay for love...but if it's weird and you don't feel the same way then it's okay. The thing is though, since you know now...I don't think it's a good idea to 'be together' anymore. It would be odd for me as well as for you I imagine. In any case I'll just give you the last pay and we can move on with our lives, maybe we can stay friends? Well, anyway I hope to see you at my party tonight (: Tiffany isn't a very good party planner. She asked me want kind of cake I wanted this year hehe. So yeah I'll see you there.With love,Lexi Marie 'She had feelings for me....

lexi Marie’s pov

Stella: Ms. Marie....please eat something."Leave me alone!" I yelled.Stella: But Ms.'s been 2 weeks. You haven't come out of your room or attended school."I'm not going back to school! I hate it there! I hate everyone there!" I cried. "So just....leave me alone!"Stella: oh honey..."I said leave me alone!!" I yelled even louder.All I could do was cry. Cry about everything. Cry that I let myself get carried away by him. Cry that I grew to love him. Cry because everyone knew the truth. Cry because I was laughed at and made a fool out of. I wanted to stay in my room forever and just willow away in my own sorrow. Stella and Winston came to check on me and talk to from the hallway but I just told them to go away. They'd leave food by the door but I refused to eat, I'd just drink Gatorade and eat some crackers that I have in here now and then. Dad's busy, mom's on vacation and Lucielle is on business somewhere in Tokyo. I'm not craving attention nor do I want any...all I want to do is be alone. Everything Suga said on my birthday replayed in my mind every single day from the moment I wake until I fall asleep, some days I don't sleep. My phone's been off since that day, I'm not sure who's called or texted me. I don't wish to know about anyone or for them to know about me.Stella and Winston simply tell the people who try to visit that I'm out of the country. Tiffany's tried to come but Stella is a pretty good liar when she needs to be.Winston: Ms. Marie...Sir Jin, Jungkook, V, Jhope, Rap monster and Jimin have come to see you. Shall I let them enter?"No. Tell them I'm not here...."Jin: Marie....please don't ignore us.I sighed.Jungkook: We're worried about you...J-Hope: We want you to come back to school."No...I'm not going back. Ever. As soon as father comes home I'll tell him to send me else where" I said.Jimin: Marie, we all miss you. At least let us come in to see you.V: Please..."Gimme a minute..."I opened the curtains and walked into the restroom to wash my face. I looked in the mirror. I look horrific....nothing but skin and bones in just a couple of days. I can see my rib cage. I took a deep breath. They'll freak out if they see me like dark circles and my body...Winston: I'll go get some tea and sweets. You gents stay here and wait for milady.All: Will do. Thanks Winston.I fixed my bed and went to open the door. I didn't even look at them when I did.Jungkook: Marie, it's you!"Hey, I'm sorry about how I look. I just...I've had a rough 2 weeks and...."I feel like crying. I put my hand over my face to cover my expression.I felt them hug me and I began to cry.Jin: Marie...I am so sorry.Jhope: We're here for you.Jungkook: We missed you.V: And we love you. So don't feel like you're alone.RM: It's going to be okay.Jimin: We're here to help out in any way we can. We care about you."Th-Thank you so much..." I sniffled. "It really means a lot to me...."They pulled away from me.Jin: You haven't been eating have you?Jhope: Or sleeping right."Guys you just don't even" I sighed. "It's been hard. You know how much 'hate mail' I get? Well, it's not so much hate mail. More like letters to remind me of what I did and the kind of person I am. Telling me not to show my face. It's hard and I hate it. The first week I was out I got 10-20 letters a day. You know 3 other high schools know what I did? Everything that happened? I don't think I can even show my face at the market. I don't even wanna know what's on the internet, I'm sure someone uploaded something. It something I have no control over but I suppose in a way I deserved it....instead of facing my own problems I had to pay someone to deal with them for me."Jin: Marie, you did nothing wrong. You had your reasons."Maybe I should've left when daddy told me to. I mean he gave me a choice whether I wanted to stay here in Korea or not but I wanted to stay, I like it here, do I regret my decision? Yes and no. Yes, because I could've saved myself from this humiliation. No, because I wouldn't had met any of you. The rich side is complicated in so many ways, as I said are the rich ones. The best things are things money can never buy like friendships, family and love..."Jhope: Marie don't leave.RM: Look at school you can hang with us.Jimin: Plus, Tiffany is waiting for you to come back. She misses you the most.Jungkook: Don't worry about what others think. Who cares? You're a Tipton aren't you? Tipton's never back down.I took a deep breath. "I appreciate your enthusiasm but I wouldn't want to get you involved with my problems. Even though it's cowardly of me to say this, I'm going to go somewhere else. I'm not running away, I just think it's best for guys can go visit me whenever you want. Tiffany for sure will take you if I ask. We'll all still be friends and hang out, so it's not like I'm really leaving since we'll see each other." I said.V: But it's not the same. I wanna see you everyday not once in a while.Jimin: It won't be the same without you.RM: It will never be.Jhope: Marie can you at least try? Just come to school for one day and if you still feel the same...then...Jungkook: We understand and will support your decision.Jin: I would say to go back to the way you were."What do you mean?" I asked.V:'ve gone soft.Jhope: You're too nice now. You say hi to everyone and you just...RM: You gotta be tough and hard like before. Show them you're not afraid and that their words can't bring you down.Jungkook: We'll be right behind you.They smiled at me."You're right. I'm a Tipton damn it! I've got money and power, if anyone dares to stand in my way they'll be crush merciless. With...the exception of the 6 of you and Tiffany. And I guess whoever else is still my friend. But, they'll hear me roar and I'll rampage!"Guys: Yeah! Roar and rampage!"I'm not going to be intimidated by those insects! Okay, I'll go to school tomorrow!"Jungkook: Hmm, you might wanna get new uniforms since you're thinner now."Oh...right. Skin and bones." I sighed. "I bet I look nasty...."V: No not at all. You know girls nowadays, wanting to be that skinny and all...they'll envy you."Ew, I don't wanna be this thin. I need to start eating junk food again. I've been living off of crackers and Gatorade."RM: Ew. That sounds gross."Once you get used to it, it's not all that bad."Jhope: no more crackers and Gatorade. Just food.Jin: Start sleeping too. You look tired."That can be fixed. My dad has this serum thing and it's like a freakin miracle cream. I'll be in tip top shape in no time." I said.Jimin: Now you're starting to act like yourself.I'm ready to do this. No more moping around and crying. I'm going to take a stand and prove to all of those idiots that I can't be broken!the next morning~~~~~"Morning Stella."She gasped. Her eyes widened.Stella: M-Ms. Marie!"Yes?"Stella: You're out of your room?"Duh, I'm here in the kitchen aren't I? Get me some breakfast. I'm going to school today."Her mouth dropped."Hurry up!" I exclaimed.Stella: Y-Yes madam. I'm sorry.Today's the day I show my face again for the first time in 2 weeks. Luckily my dad's cream did the trick, my face looks normal, although there's not much I can do about my body at the moment. I'll just start eating right and exercising again. I'll also give that peasant his final pay, I think I'll go see his parents and tell them about my leaving. I'll thank them for being so kind to me and treating me like one of theirs. I need to be strong when I see him, I need to be short about it too. Just hand him his envelope of money and tell him to have a nice life. Then I'll get into my car and come home, I'll start packing and give daddy a call. My next destination will be London, I have a house there anyway. Stella will come with me and some other staff. Winston will stay here watching over the mansion. Although I had told the boys I'd stay here, it was a lie. There's no possible way I'm staying, who could I stay when the boy I was still sadly and pathetically in love with lives here? Even though I wouldn't be around him, everything here reminds me of him, the memories I have will always haunt and constantly remind me of someone I will never have. What I hate the most is even though he broke my heart in front of all those people, I still loved him. It wasn't so much that I cried of the humiliation, it was because he hurt me. That scar will forever remain and I'll probably never feel the way I felt about him. I never felt like that with Dylan, Suga made me if I was living in a fairy tale. The love I have for him was completely pure and sacred. But when he did that, my heart shriveled and I feel sour.Winston: Ms. Marie, I'm so glad you're out of your room."Couldn't stay in there forever. Besides I have some last minute things I need to do, I'll be driving to school today and I'll most likely be home around 7 p.m. Winston while I'm at school attending my classes will you please go to the office around 1 to get my paper work?"Winston: Paper work? Milady, are you planning on transferring?"Yes. I've thought about it and it's what's best for me. I'm showing my face to prove to everyone that I'm not a coward. I'm Lexi Marie Tipton, I will not be mocked nor laughed at. Today will be the day that those who opposed me and sent those letters beg in forgiveness. Winston, I'll leave satisfied knowing I made them suffer. They're families will suffer because of their act."Winston: Ms. Marie, I know you're upset but that's not the answer. If you do that, how are you different from what master Suga did."Don't mention that vile dog to me!" I exclaimed.Winston: My apologies. It was not my place."No it wasn't. Now please leave my presence..." I said.He bowed and walked away.Stella: Here you are madam."Thank you"I ate my breakfast then grabbed my car keys.


"Marie's coming?"Jin: Yup. We convinced her to come so be on your toes."But...she's not gonna want to see me"Jimin: Can you blame her? But don't worry. We have a plan."Oh? And what exactly is this plan?" I asked.V: Well, we're going to tell her to meet us by the soccer field after school. Then while she's waiting you go out and talk to her."I don't think that's gonna work"RM: Why not?"I've tried talking to her before. I've gone to her house and asked for her, then I find out I'm banned from the property! Luckily Winston was the one who saw me and not the security guards." I sighed. "I just need to face the fact that she hates me and I don't blame her. If I would've known she felt how I felt about her then things would be different."Jungkook: So you do like her?"Well, at first I didn't but then she began showing me a side of her that no one knew. Little by little I started to like her then it was more than that. What killed me the most was the fact she left a letter in my locker, I mean obviously she wasn't expecting what I was going to do so she must've been happy and nervous...after all, it was her birthday. But in the letter she told me how she felt and...ugh. Guys I messed up but I know there's no way to fix it now."Jhope: She said she was going to stay so there's still a slight chance you can fix it.I hope so, after I found out she had those feelings for me I told Dylan I didn't want anything. Of course he didn't care anymore, he got what he wanted and all I had was my guilt. Guilt and a broken heart. All I wanted to do was see her, I wanted to tell her I was sorry, that I did it because of a selfish need, that I never wanted to hurt her because I loved her. The only reason the guys stayed friends with me is because I turned the deal down. They thought it was 'noble' of me....I wonder if she read any of my text messages. If she read my emails. If she listened to my voicemails. I wonder if she'll be able to forgive me.

lexi Marie’s pov

I parked my car. The stares and murmuring began, I kept my head up. I walked with pride and stayed strong.Tiffany: Marie! Oh my gosh!She ran towards me and hugged me tight.Tiffany: Lex, I've missed you so much. I'm so glad you're okay, your phone was off and Stella and Winston said you were out of town. Oh gosh. I think I'm gonna cry. I'm so happy."Don't cry Tiff. I'm okay and I feel great, I just needed a little vacation you know?" I smiled.She smiled at me. "It's so great to see that smile. So tell me, what's your secret?""Secret?" I asked."Look how hot you look! You look amazing. That figure is to die for, what's your secret?" She asked."Gatorade and crackers." I said."I'm totally gonna try that. Oh my gosh. Like that figure, it's perfect." She looked at me.I giggled. "Shut up haha. I'm gonna gain my weight back. I don't like this look for me, I'd rather be thick than a stick you know? It's what makes me who I am""Girl, just look at all the girls staring at you. They want your bod but can't have it cuz they're too fat!" She said out loud."Tiffany!" I covered her mouth."Mmm! Mmmph!""Let's just go look for Jin and the others." I said.She nodded. I let go of her mouth.We walked through the hallways. Everyone staring at me and murmuring, I saw Dylan coming my way. He stopped in front of me and smirked."Looking for another replacement?""Even the lowest most putrid human being is better than you. You had to bribe someone to 'break' me. You're the pathetic one not me." I looked at him. "Now get out of my way unless you want your father to lose his job and you're forced into bankruptcy, lose your home and have to live in the streets."He glared at me then stepped aside.I looked back and looked at everyone. "That goes for ALL of you. I tried to be nice but it seems the events that took place two weeks ago made you a bit...'brave'. Those of you who uploaded videos and sent me all that 'hate' mail will be tracked down and fined. I'll sew you for all you've got, it's too late for apologies. So you'd better watch it." I turned away and began walking again with Tiffany at my side.Girl 1: Lexi! Wait!I stopped walking. "If you're going to apologize, don't bother."Girl 1: Please. Just listen, I posted a video but I'll take it down just please don't sew me. My parents work so hard and I really can't afford to lose what I have, please. I'm begging you.I scoffed. "Do you really think begging is going to help you? Well, you're wrong. I appreciate the fact you admitted to your fault but it's not going to change my mind. You have to pay the consequences. Come on tiff."The girl began to cry. In a strange way I liked that she was crying, it gave me a satisfaction knowing I had control over them like this.Tiffany: Are you being serious Lex? Will you really do that?"I'm not sure yet. I'm still debating on whether I should or shouldn't. Winston says I shouldn't but I don't and wouldn't feel satisfied knowing that the very people who made me look like a joke aren't facing the consequences." I said.Tiffany sighed. "You know, the fight isn't really with them Lexi...""It isn't? Oh really?" I looked at her."Well I mean, they didn't start anything. He did.""They played along with it Tiffany. How would you feel if Sungmin made a scene like that and people recorded your most humiliating moment. At the fact that your boyfriend...ugh, you know what? Just forget it. I don't even care anymore. I have my reasons and I'm sticking it them okay?"She nodded. "Okay."I spotted Jin and the others talking by the lockers.Tiffany: What if you know who."What if I do? Who cares. I was paying him wasn't I?"Even though I say that, I'm only kidding myself. If I see him I know I'll have to suck it up and be as arrogant as ever even though I know my love for him is still here. I think seeing him right now would only increase the sorrow and pain I feel.Jin: Marie! You're here!I smiled. "Hey"V: you look great."Told you it was a miracle cream. Hehe." I smiled.Jungkook: You seem very happy."I am."Jimin: Today we get out an hour early in case you didn't know."Oh? And why is that?" I asked.RM: Report card day."Ew. Hmm, well I'm probably failing with two weeks out. So not much good in getting that report card right?"Jhope: You can always make it up."Yeah..."Only I'm going to transfer...*bell rings*Jin: Well....time to start the day."Damn, I still need to go to my locker. I'll see you guys at lunch." I said.Tiffany: I'll see you in English."K. Bye Tiff. Bye guys."Guys: Bye~I walked to my locker but couldn't open it. Ugh. Stupid thing! I sighed in frustration."It's slightly opened from the bottom. You gotta hit it then unlock it."I looked up. I felt my heart beginning to ache, it's him.....

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>To be continued....

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