Well, the Votes have been counted. We have a Winner! this week's K-star Saturday is all about Our Adorable Maknae, Hyuk! So here we go, I hope you enjoy this Card!


Facts about Hyuk:

Real Name: Han Sanghyuk

Position: Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae

Born: July 5th, 1995

Height: 181cm or 5'9

weight: 62kg or 136lbs

Blood Type: B

Family: Father, Mother, Older sister

Favorite Foods: No Particular Favorite.

Favorite Artists: Justin Bieber, Park Hyoshin.

Favorite Pastries: doesn't eat any snacks

Favorite Colors: black and White.

Favorite Hobbies: reading.

- He is Lactose intolerant.

-He is known as the "Cutie" of the group.

-Fans say that he looks very similar to BigBang's Seungri

- he is very awkward around Leo, and used to be afraid of calling him Hyung.

- He doesn't have a cellphone.

- he sleeps in a comfortable t-shirt and Pajama pants.

- if he were an animal, he would choose to be a baby dinosaur.

- if he were to dye his hair, he'd dye it any color that doesn't involve Bleaching. he said Bleaching hurts a Lot.

- if he were a Girl, he'd go out with Vixx's fellow member Hongbin.

-On a date, he would take the girl he likes to the Amusement Park.

-His Most Valuable Belonging is a Necklace that his older sister bought for him.


Hyuk Quotes:

" an Ability that I want to Upgrade is the ability to express Affection."

"For me, when I listen to my other Idol group friends, I am very Fortunate to be the 'Maknae' of VIXX. I have no Difficulties being the 'Maknae' of the group. the only Big task of being the 'maknae' is carrying passports for the other members when we travel overseas. I could get into big trouble if I lose those. it is very Important."

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Happy Saturday!!!

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