These Korean shows are addicting. I don't even watch American shows. The only American show I have seen is Teen Wolf and that's because I missed Season 5 so I haven't watched it because I'll be lost. Whoever writes these dramas are a genius and know what give people, especially girls, the FEELS. These are the dramas that I've seen so far in order of which I saw first to last.

Kpop Extreme Survival ↓

WINNER's Minho cracks me up in this drama with his English "HOMIE"

Shut Up and Let's Go↓

First drama to make me cry especially in the beginning of the show

Secret Garden↓

Kim Soo Han Moo...so catchy

Boys Over Flowers↓

First drama that caused me to have a mental breakdown lol

Who Are You: School 2015↓

The drama that had my heart pounding nonstop and made me fall for SUNGJAE~


First drama I see that they actually kiss and not just barely touch lips

Dream High↓

I've never hated an ending so much the show is like really good that's why I hate the ending lol

Dream High 2

Couldn't find a good trailer. In my opinion it was alright but it's probably because I was hoping it was the second season of part one because THAT ENDING I JUST CAN'T ACCEPT IT!

Coffee Prince

I couldn't find a good trailer but this show hmm makes me question all of those dramas with female characters playing the male "HOW CAN YOU NOT TELL? FOR THE LOVE OF KOREAN IDOLS NO MAN HAS A WOMAN'S VOICE"

You Are Beautiful↓

Another drama where the female lead is a male but hey at least one guy knew from the beginning.

To Be Continued...↓

All I can say is...MOONBIN I LOVE YOU!!!!! This was the fastest way I learned every member of a boy group before they debuted.

Dream Knight↓



Shortest drama I've ever seen that has given me so many feels.

EXO Next Door↓

I died and came back to life then died so many times in this adorable drama D.O'S LAUGH GIVES ME LIFE!

Good Doctor↓

I actually learned so much in this drama the doctor is just so cute I want to go up to him and give him a big hug and never let go

Playful Kiss

This is the first drama that I truly dislike. I guess because the female lead is so UGH LIKE GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!

Can We Get Married?↓

First drama that I don't cry in.

Kill me Heal Me↓

MUST SEE DRAMA. You'll die of laughter.

Last but not least...

Modern Farmer↓

I actually misjudged this show. I thought it was going to be lame but it was hilarious. It made me like Lee Hong Ki

What do you recommend to see?

I really want to watch a drama but I don't know which one to see. Everyone tells me Heirs and I forget the other one but whenever I look at the description it doesn't catch my attention. Which I tell myself neither did any of these dramas that I've seen their descriptions were eh but the show was really good. So should I watch Heirs or is there a show that you really enjoy that I should give a shot at.

what is a good website to buy the dvd sets of the dramas?


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