Song lovin' Saturday

Today is the last day! I'll be busy all day, so I'm doing this now! For those that don't know what I've been doing, an elementary school has asked me to volunteer to do the makeup for the kid's school play. They are doing Alice In Wonderland and it has been so much fun! I will be taking pictures on snapchat, so just add me if you want to see. Anypsy! These are the songs I have been loving this week 😉

Top - Hi Haruka I seriously cried when I first heard this song. His voice is just so ugh! I love it! I love him! I think he's perfect! Ahh! Just all of the love.

Kwanghee, Taeyang, and Jiyong (HwangtaeJi) - Mapsosa I could dance to this song for hours. I just drank a cup of coffee (which was kind of a big cup) so I think I will take on that challenge...

Epik High - Spoiler This song gives me all of the feels. ALL. OF. THEM. Tablo needs to stay in his lane. Sorry, but there is just not enough room or money for you to be one of my ultimate biases...

GDragon - Black This song... I just... Same.

EXO - Growl And EXO - Overdose Sooooo I never really got into EXO... Im sorry. But I really really want to. So if someone could make a card saying who is who, suggesting some songs or anything, that would be much appreciated. I plan on watching EXO Next Door or whatever it is called.

DGNA/The Boss - Rilla Go These guys are perfection. I do not have a bias. I love them all. That's all I have to say.


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