Little BTS game results.


made by@MrsJungHoseok here is the link to play.

Namjoon and I have been best friends for a few years now. we love spending time while reading. we're such nerds

I just found out that Yoongi likes me. He is a nice guy and we have a lot in common. but I don't see him that way.

The only reason that Jungkook is mad at me is because I see him as a little brother or as a friend.

Hobi helps me through some many things and when I'm upset about anything he brightens my day.

Jin made me cry from a dish that he made. it was so spicy!

Taehyung and I are so happy to be together.

of course my boyfriend walks me home. gives us more time to spend together.

Jin oppa worries over me just like he worries about the boys.

Hobi and I grew close with him helping me with some tough stuff. My feels grew more and I had to end things with Taehyung. However we ended on a good note.

Hobi and I are so happy together that we married and had four kids. 2 boys and 2 girls.

I live in a small town where kpop is not existed. While I listen to kpop or watch Kdramas I am either writing, drawing, or reading. I have a habit of listening to kpop while reading. Favorite groups B2st, BTS, BigBang, etc. lol
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