Junior Oneshot(Days Late)

Sorry guys that i havent posted sooner I have really been spacing but im posting now since I have some down time so thank you guys for being patient and putting up with me. Again i love you guys and i hope you enjoy


"Almost five" you say looking up at the clock chewing the inside of your lip. Only 10 more mintues before your boyfriend Junior gets home from work. You sigh almost wishing that you had more time, but you know it won't do any good because you have to tell him. You look down at the white stick in your hand and sigh again. Just as you are getting up off the couch you hear the front door open and close. "Jagi, I'm home" he yells coming up the hallway. You quickly shove the stick in your back pocket and tey to put on your best smile. Stay calm you say to yourself over and over. Junior walks to you and pulls you into a hug. You can't help but smile as you wrap your arms around his neck. You close your eyes and take a deep breathe. You take a step back and look up at Junior before he can say anything or ask what is wrong you put your finger to his lips shushing him. "I'm pregnant " you say pulling out the stick showing it to him. You watch as his face goes from shocked to happy. He pulls you into another hug and holds you close , you wrap your arms tightly around his neck again "I was so scared that you were going to be mad" you whisper so low that you dont think he can heat you but he does. He pulls back and cups your cheek looking deeply into your eyes. "I love you way to much to ever be mad at you"

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