A Necklace From Leo

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“Hey, I’m inviting all of VIXX over for my birthday tonight,” called your brother, Hakyeon, from the kitchen. “So please help out or something.”

“But Ken told me that they all hate you,” you teased. You heard him growl as his footsteps approached.

“It’s not true,” he said, his muffled voice becoming clear as he entered your bedroom. “I promise. I’m a great leader.”

“Whatever you say, hyung,” you sighed, returning to your laptop.

Your brother left, and you started to wonder what the other members of VIXX were really like. You’d seen them all on TV and YouTube, and met Ken and Hongbin a few times, but you’d never met them all.

“No, [Y/N]! You set it wrong! Come on, you’re not 12!” your brother scolded.

You’d been helping your brother all day, and needed a break. Your recent 18th birthday just last week hadn’t been this fancy. You’d decided to stay over at your brother’s place for his birthday, glad to get away from your lonely apartment on the other side of the city.

Suddenly, the bell rang, and Hakyeon told you to answer it.

You smoothed down your dress and opened the door cautiously to see a tall young man with tanned skin and fair hair grinning at you from the doorstep. “Hi?” you managed.

“Hi! You must be N’s sister. Call me Ravi,” the man said, letting himself in politely. Behind him followed a familiar face with a big hat.

“Ken-oppa!” you almost shouted. You stepped forward to hug him briefly, and he squeezed you back.

“Hey, [Y/N]!” he laughed. He then leaned over to you and whispered in your ear, “I almost considered not coming, but when I heard that N’s little sister was here, how could I say no?”

You giggled and turned to face your brother, who had just exited the kitchen.

“Ravi-ah, Ken-ah!” your brother called. “Thank you for coming.” He bowed briefly and accepted the hugs he received from his juniors. “Come take a seat in the dining room.”

Ravi and Ken happily took off their coats and shoes and walked rowdily to the dining room.

You followed them, and tried to engage in their conversation, though it made little sense to you.

“And then Hongki-ssi showed me these pictures they used for promotion,” Ravi explained to Ken, who was gawking at the large room.

You sat down at the table and checked your phone for a while, before hearing voices from the main door. The other half of VIXX were here. Getting up politely, you stared as three handsome men entered the room. Oh, and your brother.

“Oh, [Y/N]. I don’t think you’ve met Hongbin, Hyukkie or Leo,” said Hakyeon, closing the door behind them.

The first man smiled at your surprised face and introduced himself. “I’m Hongbin, it’s nice to meet you.” He had large, attractive eyes and a radiant smile. He shook your hand politely, before taking his place at the table.

“And you,” you smiled back.

Hyuk smiled at you, before immediately sitting in front of Ravi and reaching for his hair, which resulted in a childish squabble. Hyuk had a youthful face and cute dimples.

Hongbin was sat next to Ken, who grinned and didn’t fail to immediately make his best friend laugh.

Your brother took his place at the head of the table, and beckoned for Leo to sit down.

The remaining two places were to be taken by you and Leo. You looked Leo up and down subtly. He was very tall, had a healthy form and manly hands. His fringe swung to the side and he tossed it a few times, before sitting down beside you.

After Hakyeon had made his speech about his 24th birthday, you began to eat your delicious-looking dakgalbi, cooked by your brother.

“Hi,” you began, attempting to make conversation with Leo.

He turned to face you, nodded politely, then continued with his meal.

“Are you… Leo?” you asked. “I’m [Y/N]. It’s nice to meet you.”

“Call me Taekwoon,” he said in a very soft voice. “Jung Taekwoon.” He said this stiffly, as if being forced.

“Ah, Taekwoon-oppa!” you giggled, trying out the name.

Suddenly, Leo blushed pink, which emphasised the paleness of his fair skin.

“I’ve heard loads about you from my brother. He says although you’re quiet, your aegyo makes up for it.” This wasn’t helping the situation.

Leo went even pinker and looked to the ground.

“Ravi-oppa says that too,” you continued, enjoying teasing him.

“I’m sorry,” Leo suddenly said, looking you in the eyes and clasping your hands. “I’m… I’m quite shy… Uh.…” You could feel the warmth from Leo’s hands radiate to yours.

You looked into his dark, guilt-filled eyes and immediately felt bad for provoking him. “I-I’m sorry, Taekwoon-oppa.”

Hongbin had overheard your conversation with Leo, and laughed playfully as he hit Leo on the back. “Don’t tease him, [Y/N]! Don’t listen to her, hyung!”

The rest of the table laughed at Hongbin’s comment, and you made eye contact with Ken. He giggled and turned to Hongbin, who raised his eyebrows.

You decided not to bother Leo any further, and finished your meal in silence.

It was almost 10pm, but you could still hear the shouts of the VIXX members on the floor below you. They were singing a song you recognised; Love Equation.

You hummed along happily, and sighed as you glanced at yourself in the mirror.

Suddenly, the was a knock at your bedroom door. It couldn’t be anyone but your brother.

“Hyung, go back to your-” you moaned in annoyance as you opened the door.

But it wasn’t your brother. It was Leo. He was speechless, and you could see his eyes widen in shock.

You were confused, until you looked down at yourself and realised that you were clothed in but an oversized t-shirt that reached your mid-thighs. You shut the door quickly, your heart racing.

Had he seen anything!? After a few moments, you heard pacing, and then a loud, “Ah, f-forgive me, [Y/N]! I didn’t mean to- I mean, that wasn’t my intention! I didn’t see anything, I promise!”

Your lips curled into an amused smile as you replied, “It’s fine! Sorry you had to see me like that!” You bit your lip in excitement, and pulled on a pair of shorts and a hoodie before opening the door again.

Leo was still there, looking down at the ground. He looked back up at you cautiously, before averting his gaze quickly. “I was just going to ask,” he said quietly. “If you wanted a ride home. Just seeing as I live quite near to you, on the other side of the city. I thought it might be easier, instead of you taking a train back?”

You were squealing with happiness in your head. “Yeah, sure. That’d be great, actually. Thanks, Taekwoon… oppa,” you replied nervously.

Leo’s car was very aesthetically pleasing. It was well-kept, with no dents or dirt sprays. It was neat inside, as well.

You didn’t talk much to each other on the way, so you suggested listening to some music.

Leo nodded quickly and politely, beckoning to the music player in front of you.

You pressed play, and smiled as ‘Condition of My Heart’ started playing.

Leo made no comment, and you listened to his soft ballads all the way to your apartment, humming at the parts you knew.

“Thanks again, Taekwoon,” you said as you reached your doorstep with him.

He bowed briefly, before raising his eyebrows. “Ah, I almost forgot. It was your birthday last week, wasn’t it?” Leo asked shyly.

You nodded as a smile began to form on your face.

Leo then looked to the side and tossed his fringe. “Here. I’m not really sure what girls like, so I just got this…” he trailed off as he handed you a small red box.

You opened it slowly to reveal a beautiful silver necklace with a key charm. “Taekwoon, I love it! Thank you so much! Can you help me put it on?”

Leo nodded and walked towards you as you turned around. The necklace was a very fine chain, and so Leo had to get quite close to you.

The touch of his warm fingers against your cold skin sent a shudder down your spine. You could feel his hot breath down your neck, and you felt yourself crossing your legs.

“There,” he said, stepping back. It looked beautiful, and you knew that you would treasure it. “I think it looks very nice on you.”

“Me too,” you smiled, and unconsciously placed a kiss on Leo’s cheek.

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