BTS 2nd Set of Concept Photos!

These boys will never stop being cute will they? OMG why are they messing with my feels right now? Those shorts though.... How can their legs look that good?!?! The cuteness won't end with them!!! 😂

Just looking at these photos, it's hard to choose who my bias is, but Jin is at the top for me at the moment. Namjoon, you can't be looking like that and not make me want to scream. 😂 Suga, stop looking so cute and innocent! Kookie's bad self needs to quit too. They all do. 😂 Stop messing with my feelings yo!

Jimin, excuse me? Why do your legs look so damn good? And why are you staring into my soul? 😂 "Let's join around the campfire and sing our campfire song." (Photo 3) Jin, stop it! J Hope and Kim Taehyung, yeah you too. These boys keep messing with this ARMY. This is why they're my 2nd bias group, right behind Vixx. May 2nd, I'm waiting.


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