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Hello Nakama!

Our friends over in the Naruto community:

@tayhar18920@SantaraJones@Hinatahyuga@AimeBolanos@LuffyNewmanHas come up with a month long list of challenges called Akatsuki April!

What anime character do you believe will be perfect for the Akatsuki?

Check out the collection here!

I'll tell you my pick for this week but first let's talk about the Akatsuki!

The Akatsuki

An organization originally created to bring peace to the Village Hidden in the Rain. After the original founder, Yahiko, died due to an ambush of Hanzo and Danzo of the hidden leaf; Nagato, the co founder, swore oath to avenge his friend. Nagato created a new Akatsuki, one that no longer took a pacifist approach and would cause death and destruction to the world. The Akatsuki believed that their cause was just and pain and death was the only way people would finally given in to peace. It is this belief that causes the Akatsuki to create vile acts without remorse as they think they are doing good to the world. Made up of very powerful members the Akatsuki are certainly a threat to the world and have been apart and cause of many great ninja wars.

So who's my pick for the Akatsuki?


Yes Frieza, the once tyrant ruler of the universe. Once believed to the the strongest in the universe, Frieza ruled with an iron fist. Frieza feared no man or being, knowing full well that no one can stop him. Frieza his ruthless and wants nothing more but to be immortal and rule the universe forever. The only thing stopping him is his own arrogance. Frieza could have been almost as strong as the God of Destruction, Beerus, but chose to sit and allow his minions do all the work for him.

Frieza is the perfect member for the Akatsuki the only problem is he might try to take it over.

So my question to all of you is, who is your favorite Akatsuki member?

Make sure you make your own {AA} card and choose your own Akatsuki member throughout all of animeRemember to follow the collection for all the other Super Sunday's

Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day!

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