We are Four PT3

Members: Yoongi/Suga; Reader(You); OC characters; Minor mention of other members

Part: 3/?

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Summary: Separate you all were as different as could be. Together, you all only had one thing in common; Min Yoongi.


Overwhelmed with emotion and not sure what to do you called Yeorang.

The businesswoman picked up almost immediately, a dull tone to her voice as she asked who it was. Wiping at your nose you quietly whispered,

“Yeorang-ssi? It’s Y/N..” Your voice caught in your throat,”I-I’m with Yoongi and I…I can’t.” Suga’s pounding slowed down,

“Y/N? Are you on the phone?” His muffled voice called out. The doorknob rattled violently under his relentless turning,”Jagi, who are you talking to? What’s going on? Let me in!” Tuning him out, you focused back on your call,

“I can’t even look him in the eyes, what do I do?” you pleaded softly,”I-” The entire door shuddered as Yoongi kicked it. From your spot perched on the tub edge you flinched. Was he actually trying to kick the door down?

“Jagi, tell me what’s wrong. I can’t help you if you don’t tell me..” His hands patted at the doorframe,”There’s a damn key somewhere around here..” His footsteps started to grow faint as he walked away from the door,” Jungkook!”

“Was that him?” Yeorang asked softly. You confirmed and she sighed,”Whatever you do, make sure he doesn’t find out you know.” She stressed,”Tell him you don’t feel well or something and go home, I’ll come see you later on tonight.” Yeorang mumbled something before adding,”And don’t let him know you called me.”

“Okay, but what i-” The bathroom door swung open, banging harshly against the wall. Tossing the key aside, Yoongi crossed the narrow space to kneel in front of you, grabbing at your arms.

“Jagi..” He breathed,”What happened? Why did you start crying? Are you okay?” He asked, kissing your fingers. In your ear you could hear Yeorang telling you to tell him that everything was fine, but the words that came tumbling from your lips were,

“I’m not okay.”

He frowned, gathering you up into his arms and hugging you tightly. His soft lips pressed against your temple repeatedly,”What happened? Who are you on the phone with?” Yoongi reached for the phone only for you to jerk it out of his grip. He raised a brow, lowering his hand,”Please tell me what’s going on.”

You shut your eyes,”You.”

“Me?” He echoed,”What about me?” Even though the phone wasn’t by your ear, you could clearly hear Yeorang screaming for you to stop. Staring up at Yoongi, you could see the recognition alight in his eyes as Yeorang’s voice continued to scream. His arms slackened subtly as his eyes trained onto your mobile device. “…Jagi.. Who are you talking to..?” You gripped the phone tighter, mouth clamped shut. One of his arm unwound from you to reach for the phone. You moved it out of his reach again,” Jagi.” he asked timidly, “Who’s that on the phone?”

“My cousin.” You lied. He glanced between you and the device skeptically; you had never mentioned a cousin before. Deciding against confronting you, he smiled nervously,

“Right, of course.” He amended, occasionally shifting his attention to you phone. “What did she need?”

There was a deliberate delay in your answer. “Her boyfriend’s been cheating on her.” you murmured. Yoongi blinked several times, shifting his weight from one foot to the other. Why would a cousin you’ve never spoken of suddenly call you to tell you that? He had started to break out into a cold sweat; there was more to this. Gulping, he replied,

“I’m sorry to hear that-”

“Me too.” you snapped. He froze, looking at you tensely. Something was off with you and he was too afraid to try to dig into it. Unsure of how else to respond, he only nodded, kissing your cheek. His eyes passed over the device in your tight grip once more.

He needed to see that phone.


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