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one time you were required to have deep programming knowledge, but today even never-coders are learning how to make their dreams a reality. Its possible and easier to create your own games, that doesnt mean itlJust as fiction readers want to write their own novels, avid gamers want to create their own games, but creation of any kind requires lots of hard work and dedication. Itll be easy. No, not by a long shot.

Sploder is a web-based game creation tool that actually contains five individual sub-tools, each one dedicated to creating a different game type: Retro Arcade, Platformer, Physics Puzzle, Classic Shooter, and 3D Adventure. Theres also an additional tool, Graphics Editor, for creating your own art assets. With Sploder, you can create various levels, place items throughout those levels, and control enemies. Youll need to create a free Sploder account if you want to save your games, but afterwards you can share the games you create so other Sploder users can discover and play them.

All of these free game development software tools are based on Flash and utilize a drag-and-drop interface for ease of use. It literally does not get any easier than this! Sploder is perfect for first-time game creators who want to learn the concepts and skillsets necessary for high-level game development before tackling more difficult topics, like coding and scripting.

Whats the difference between using Game Maker Studio and coding a game from scratch? According to their site, an 80% faster development time. With Game Maker Studio, you can create games using either drag-and-drop or Game Maker Studios built-in scripting language, GML. When youre done, Game Maker Studio can produce an app thats compatible with iOS or Android, an executable compatible with Windows, or HTML5 for putting your game on the web.If Sploder is too simple for you, Game Maker Studio is the next logical step. Plenty of never-coded-before beginners have picked it up and dove right into bringing their ideas to life. The software is flexible enough to create whichever genre of game you want platformer, racing, adventure, RPG, etc. but it does not yet support multiplayer functionality. Community tutorials will get you up and started in no time.

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