Baekyeol (FF) Cool for the Summer part one

Baekhyun Chanyeol Baekhyun heads to Mokp'o for the summer with his best friend Kai. He happens to meet a tall stranger one night and they both decided that just for the summer they would hook up. Baekhyun POV After this summer I will be graduating university so my best friend and I decided to go down to Mokp'o for the summer. Kai has a family house there. I'm so excited for trip I just broke up with my 3 year long girlfriend Taeyeon. At first I was hear broken but we realized that we just didn't see a future past college. Kai had been helping me through it by parting. To be honest the boy just wanted to dance with hot girls all night. It did help though hooking up with random girls wasn't me but to help my wounded pride I did. "Baek hyung are you ready" Kai said getting me out of my train of thought. We are waiting at Honam Line to go Mokp'o "Of course Kai I can't wait to get out of Bucheon same old people and places I need a change of scenery" I smiled at him. "Yeah I know what you mean I think I have been through all the girls at school time to have a summer fling with some beach babes" Kai said smirkingly. "Line 5 for Mokp'o is arriving please stay back and wait patiently" the loud speaker came through. I reach for my bag reagraing my backpack walking to the glasses door waiting for the train Kai following me walking up beside me. "Finally now just 4hours to go and then it's beaches and girls in bikinis all summer long" Kai said smiling "Kai you do know I have to be back three weeks before school starts right?" I said smiling back at him "Hyung why are you already ruining the vibe" he said shaking his head at me I just laughed as the doors started to open. Walking through the door of the train making our way to our seats. Sitting down I sighed now just 4 hours to go I'm going to go to sleep. Closing my eyes drifting off to dreamland. I awake to a smack to the head. "Yah hyung get your lazy butt up we are here" Kai shouted at me Looking around I realizes the train has stopped and people are leaving. "Hyung come on we got to take the bus to my house" Kai whined at me Aish this beat being cute. I nodded at him grabbing my bags. The bus was other hour drive to Kai's house. His parents had a traditional Korean house like most people did around here. It was nearing dark and I had slept the whole way here Kai did too so we were well rested waiting to eat and dance Kai ran to the bathroom to take a shower while I went to put my things up. Finished getting ready Kai wore black skinny jeans white t-shirt with a leather jacket. I wore black skinnies as well with a grey v neck shirt and a black blazer. Putting out shoes on at the door we decided to get a cab to the nearest restaurant to eat before we dance and drink all night. We arrived at a seafood restaurant eating all the yummy food tell our hearts content. "Can you even dance now with the food baby you have hyung" Kai laughed at me while we are looking for a club to party at. "Shut up you brat, you ate more than me can you dance with the twins in there now" I pushed me away laughing We were already tipsy walking down the street we finally stumbled across a club called Exodus. Walking in the music was loud and good Kai making his way to the dance floor leaving me. I shook my head at him going to the bar I wanted some more soju in my system. Downing three more shots put me in the mood to dance walking out to the dance floor I started moving my body getting lost in the music swaying my hips feeling the beat and nothing else. But then I notice large hands on my hips a chest against my back moving along with me I knew it was a guy and I didn't care his hand are so warm and holding onto me a little harder than normal but that just made it more exciting. I just kept dancing loving his hand moving up my body to my face grabbing my chin in one and the other wrapping around my waist. I have always wanted to be dominated but never really said anything about it before but the alcohol in me was drowning out the logic in my brain. Feeling his hand move from my chin to my neck having to wrapped around there was a turn on for me I could feel myself getting hard. He pulled me flushed against his body my ass against his pelvic area. He thrusted against me still holding me close I could feel his hard on pressing against my ass. It felt like sex instead of dancing and I wanted more of it turning around in his arms tiring to get a look at the stranger that knew how to thrust.

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