Went back to Japan Town one last time before moving soon. It was nice to be there. 👌 さよなら!

So I came to JapanTown one last time before finishing school and moving into a different city, I'll definitely miss this place and everything there. Came here since little and now moving. Sorry I didn't get enough important pictures, I was too caught up in the moments. Goodbye JapanTown(SF)! :D

English is my second language so sorry for any mistake I make on my posts. I am an amateur artist and would like a raise for any good drawings I make. Also a CSGO player who would also like a raise for each game I win #RoadToDerank. Then again, I would also like a raise for any cool stuff you guys find cool. Thank you for wasting your time reading this, please follow or add if you like the following content on my page. P.S. If you happen to notice that my art has different levels to it like one looks better than the new one, its because I free hand copy or I do it out of my head, I usually free hand copy from my computer screen(I NEVER trace). -Vellzo Follow me on Instagram ---> @Vellzo You'll get to see my real name but I'll doubt you know how to pronounce it lol
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The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
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