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It was a hot summer day I was bored out of my mind siting at home with nothing to do. Ding My phone went off reaching for it thinking maybe it was a notification from my vingle app but who name pop up surprised me it was RapMon "Noona come to the carnival with us today we are off" it read 'Okay I will be there in 10' I replied Getting up and walking to the door putting on my shoes and grabbing my SnapBack running out the door. The carnival is get a couple of blocks from my apartment so reaching was no problem. "Noona there you are come on let's have some fun" RapMon hand stretch out for me to hold. I take his hand walking into the carnival.

Noona what should we do first" Jhope asked "Umm...." I thought while looking around "oh" I spotted the haunted house looking back at the guys "Let's go there first" I pointed at the house. The guys all looked away from me except Jimin. I pouted at them. "Noona I will go with you" Jimin said taking my hand and walking towards the haunted house. I really don't know why I choose to do this first I'm not a fan of haunted houses. "Jimin-ah will you hug me I'm kind of scared" I whispered as we walked through it. "Sure Noona I will" he said wrapping his strong arms around me. "Thanks Jiminnie-ah" I said smiling at him.

After the scary haunted house I wanted to go ride something calming so Suga suggested we go to the Ferris wheel and we all agreed. So as we waited in line Suga was standing next to me and taehyung was in front of us talking about who knows what with jungkook. Finally get to the front of the line only two people per cart so it was my a Suga in one. As it got higher up you could see the whole park it was amazing and as we reach the top I could see part of the sea. "Noona" Suga called me I turned to look at him only to be surprised with a swift kiss on my lips. I was in shock for about five seconds before looking at Suga who was blushing and looking away from me. Reality hit me then he just kissed me my first kiss I know my whole face had turn red from embarrassment.

After getting off the Ferris wheel I want something sweet every one but Jhope wanted some pizza. "Hope-ah come with noona to get some Cotten candy" I said in a cute voice. He smiled at me "Of course Noona lets go" he wrapped an arm around my shoulder and we walked to the food stalls. Seeing the Cotten candy stall I got excited and started to jump up and down. "Noona what color do you want?" He asked me "Blue" I shouted he just laughed and told the girl working there. One blue Cotten candy please" he said the girl nodded and started on it right away. Hope-ah didn't you want one" I asked confused as to why he only got one. "Yeah you don't mind sharing one do you Noona" he smiled Damn his smile I can never say no to that. I swear he knows that all he as to do is smile at me and I can get away with murder. I just nodded at him "sure hope-ah we can share" The girl handed him the blue fluff ball and he handed it to me and just smiled and took a chunk out of letting the fluff melt in my mouth. Taking other piece off and turned to Jhope "ah" I said to him he looked at me confused for a second but then he opens his month and I put the sticky sweet candy in him. I smiled at him turning to go find the others.

As Jhope and I walked along the stalls to find the others I noticed a crowd around one of the game stalls "Noona look it's the guys over there I wondered what going on" he pointed to the crowd of people. We made our way of to the throng of people seeing it was a throwing game and Suga was playing it. Namjoon what's going on?" I asked "Oh Suga saw this bear and said he wanted it and he has been playing for five rounds now he just needs to hit one more duck and he wins" he said not even glances at me. I just nodded me head and then look at the bear he is trying to win. The bear was medium in size it had a checked best on and need glasses it was actually cute. I watched as he threw the ball everyone held their breath and watched it smack into a blue duck. The crowd went wild he had one the bear. As the guy handed him the bear I noticed it kind of looked like him haha how cute. The crowd dispersed and he walked over the the guys and I. "Congratulations on winning Suga" I said with a huge smile "Here it's for you" he said in a bashful way red tinting his cheeks. I squealed "how cute" I shouted and hugged the bear to my chest "I will name him Yoongie" I said walking off to find some more fun.

After walking around for hours playing and eating I grab my phone and started taking pictures of everybody. And then I saw the really cute couple pig ears and I grab Namjoon and drag him over to them and put one on his head and the other on mine. To make is funny I put the one for the girl on his head and the guys one on mine. He looked so cute with pig ears and a pink bow I knew I had to get a couple selca of us weather he liked it of not. So pulling him close to me I turned my camera facing front and smiled big before he even knew what happened I was walking of posting the picture on Instagram. #pigcouple

After all the fun we had it was starting to get really late and I knew the boys had to work tomorrow and so did I. I told them all I didn't need to but walked home or anything and they argued that I did but I won because I knew I was only a couple of blocks away while the had an hours drive back to there dorm. I waved and turned to walk away get half a block away I knew someone was following me I stopped walking and signed "Jungkook come out now" I said "Noona that's creepy how you know it's me" he said right into my ear "No what's creepy is you following me in the shadows" I snapped at him "Noona don't be like that I was just worried about your safety" he pouted at him. I give up" I exclaimed turning to continue my journey home. "So Noona did you have fun today?" He asked "Yeah it was great" I said with a smile on my lips The rest of the way home was filed with just random chats. Reaching my apartment building I turned to say thank you and good night but before I could she smacked his lips against mine and as quick as it happened it ended with him smirking and tuning off with a sweet dreams Noona. I rolled my eyes these idiots. Going up to my apartment to sleep the night away.

Omg what did I just write. This took forever to do 😭

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