Anime or Commercials? Cardfight Vanguard G GIRS Crisis

Cardfight Vanguard G GIRS Crisis picks up where the first season of G left off with Chrono defeating Kanzaki and saving the "entire branch" from Kanzaki's evil mission to make cardfighters drop quite literally dead to make his depend card a reality.

With the new season comes some new characters two of whom are the new Cardfight Idols Luna and Am. These two girls aren't just pretty faces though they can Cardfight with the best of them as long as the best aren't nor have been any MCs then yeah xD

And with new characters rolling in we get a new bad guy. Main antagonist Ryuzu Myojin comes along what his goals are...nobody really knows they just know they have to stop him xD Step 1: Get stronger Step 2: Beat bad guy Step 3:..... Step 4: Profit xD Along for the ride is Ace a shifty character who is out for Shion's company and what is Ace's secret identity? Well Am of course, yeah Am is a bad guy who uses the alias Ace to Cardfight for Ryuzu...why no one knows xD

The Plot:

Team Try 3 is back and this time they have to stop the nefarious Ryuzu from enacting his evil plan while also shooting for the goal of GENERATION MASTER. After winning a certain number of stages Team Try 3 will be considered Generation Masters and put on the path of Clan Leaders, leaders of their respected clans Gear Chronicle, Royal Paladin, and Neo Nectar. To get there they have to win each G quest and not lose a single one to achieve this incredible feat. Now here is where it takes a turn for the worst. They bring back some of the past characters which is really cool but not when they are set up just to fail. When you happen to see your favorite character make that epic return you can't help but get excited and root for 'em. But then they go and lose and not a haha kinda lose an "I don't believe they wrote this show correctly" kinda bad.


The Fighting:

The fighting in Cardfight G GIRS Crisis is more of Cardfight G's irresponsibility to show the full information. Chrono attacks all out? Daigo has a PG, yeah I think no gaurd was the best choice! While I find out later it's because of the G unit had the show just showed and explained that it would have been fine. Except the Ren Suzugamori screw job, I don't understand how they made sense of that xD episode 19 around 16:20, guess there three year old exec's screwed failed their addition test xD

Character Development:

Honestly it's gotten a bit better from last season because now these three fighers have legitimate reasons to fight. Chrono wants to know what happened to his dad, Shion wants to fight for his company and get it back after losing it to Ace(Am), and Tokoha wants to not be the weak link outta the three so she's not dragging down the team...last one sound familiar? Girl with pink hair useless through 3 different series? no k moving on xD Each of these Cardfighters has been taught/ mentored by one of the previous characters: Chrono=Kamui, Shion=Kai, Tokoha=Misaki and each mentor gives valuable lessons for these young heroes.

Merchandise Element:

It would seem Cardfight G GIRS Crisis has learned in almost every way to improve itself (cept the fighting of course) they practically eliminate the Merchandise element altogether giving the characters themselves more attention and sticking them on the forefront of the anime, and while Vangaro might not be happy about it we sure can be :)


Answer Question: Congratulations to GIRS Crisis for improving where you did. It's a long road ahead but I'm sure if they keep pace soon Cardfight will be as great as before and with the 3rd season Stride Gate starting out on a good note I can't wait to see what Chrono and the gang get up to next. Thank you for reading mah card fellow nakama :3

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