A Modern Fringe Undercut

Remember Dylan & Cole Sprouse from the Suite Life of Zach & Cody? It didn't occur to me but the boys recently graduate college and are now pursuing their individual career as a photography and video game designer. Well, and you know me. Every time I share something about anyone it's about hairstyles.

So, tell me you don't find the hairstyle above hot? Leo 2.0?

I've been stalking the twin's instagram for a while and I can't stop staring at their fringe undercut. It also reminds me a lot of Leonardo DiCaprio's 90s hairdo from the iconic romance film, Titanic. Despite the similarities, the boys manage to give it a modern upgrade with a low fade.

This hairstyle features a long top and short side. The hair at the top is long so it gracefully falls on the face. One of the technique to achieve this hairstyle is to get a basic undercut and letting the top grow on its own.

Of course, the side and back will need a little trim and taper to maintain the style. After the hair grows out it will take less time for maintain the hairstyle.

Anyone digging this hairstyle?


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