BEWARE: Fitness Challenge Scam

Anybody thinking about taking the plunge (by spending HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS) on a "transformation challenge", needs to hit the pause button and catch up with a social media fire storm that started in 2015, but finally got its legs and took off earlier this month.

It's a multi-level drama that involves:

* Devin Zimmerman @DevinPhysique on Insta)

* Shredz (a supplement company that sponsors athletes/celebrities)

* Kelly Willett (Devin's former assistant)

* Instagram (Facebook)

To keep things simple, I am not including all the ancillary parts of the drama, which means there are plenty more people that I don't have time to name and involve at this time.

1. Devin Zimmerman has routinely been called out for his blatant use of Photoshop to enhance his image in social media.

While this is common practice, it's completely frowned upon. However, don't let Zimmerman (or anyone else for that matter) fool you into thinking that this DRAMA is about "enhanced" images. It's part of it, but certainly not the meat of it.

The PROBLEM is that Devin's monthly 30-day challenges are a scam:

* Supposedly has "50" spots but would take money from as many as 400 people per month.

* Entry "fee" is $210 (starting) To get his phone number you have to cough up $90 more.

* Devin is not a Certified Dietician; It is unlawful in CA, to write meal plans and sell them if you're not certified.

* Devin is not a Certified Trainer; It is unlawful in CA, to charge money for training if you're not certified.

* Devin chose winners based on their social media influence.

* Devin forced people to pay via PayPal using "Friends & Family" to avoid the 2% PayPal fee, and to avoid those earnings being reported to the IRS.

* Forcing participants to use "Friends & Family" means that they have to pay the PayPal fee. So, now they're out even more money.

* By paying "Friends & Family" you are NOT ELIGIBLE for a refund or recourse.

* Meal plans that were provided as "custom" were the same for EVERYONE.

* Customized workout plans (that are $200 extra!!!!) were also the same fore EVERYONE.

* Some winners of these challenges have been alleged as FAKE.

Bradley Martyn, another fitness entrepreneur, was so tired of the nonsense that he shared this video.

You can watch this video of all the gory details by his former assistant.

While the fiasco with Devin is blowing up right now, this ISN'T THE FIRST TIME something like this has happened. Don't be duped! Stuff like this happens all the times. The fitness industry is cluttered with fakes and fraud.

My advice:

1. DO YOUR RESEARCH - don't just throw your money away.

2. Legit contests NEVER ASK FOR MONEY. It's actually illegal to require people to purchase products/services/fees to be eligible to win a prize. (Hence, the "no purchase is necessary" clause on all contests/sweepstakes that are legit.)

3. Invest in educating yourself about nutrition or hire a certified nutritionist.

4. With so many resources available for FREE, you don't necessarily need a personal trainer. But if you do get one, hire one that is certified, runs their business professionally and has good reviews.

I've heard it said, over and over, "80% of fitness is diet, the rest is training." That's why I think most New Year's Resolutioners would be better served if they spent the month of January understanding their bodies, their goals and how nutrition plays a vital role in that. Then, in February, when you have your diet in check, you can tackle the business of weight training. And as for abs, don't even bother killing yourself building abs of steel until you're at 15% body fat or less. Ab exercises don't make your abs "show." Your nutrition (macros...) and ability to shed fat is what REVEALS your abs.

I hope this card helps ONE person from being scammed by DevinPhysique (or any other scammer out there).


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