EXO Chanyeol is To Possibly Be in a New Drama!

Hottie Yeolie alert yass ♡♡

'Gaia' is about a popular idol who has a cold personality and a normal girl who gets stranded on a island along with the him when their plane goes down.Salut d'AmourEXO Next DoorKang Ha NeulGirl's Generation YuriSoompi


Are you guys looking forward to this drama? I am! :D It looks like it's going to be really good because it reminds me of Chanyeol's cold personality in "EXO Next Door" ㅋㅋ I love it! What are your expectations for 'Gaia'? :)

'So I Married An Anti-fan''So I Married An Anti-fan'manhwa "So I Married An Anti-fan".SoompiAllkpop

'So I Married An Anti-fan' trailer video :)

Man I really can't wait to watch this one too xD doesn't that sound interesting to you? marrying your Anti-fan? :D

Both of the films are a #MustWatch !! What are your thoughts? We will keep you posted! :)

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