Hello everyone!! Its your community Leo and I have an announcement! Its been difficult keeping track of all the comments asking to be tagged, so to make it easier for the VIXX Mod Squad, this card is specifically for being added to the VIXX Mod taglist. So if you don't want to be added right now, but might change your mind, the link to this card will be added to EVERY VIXX CARD THE MODS MAKE. This will make it easier for not only the mod team but the community as well. If you've already asked to be added but was not added please comment again here, on this card and you will be added.

VIXX squad:@kelseyblair@MandyNoona@AimeeH@Helixx VIXX MOD TAGLIST @lilbr0wneyes@resavalencia@twistedPuppy@EmilyPeacock@kpopandkimchi@IsoldaPazo@TesneemElAlami@KristinaCaron@Mikim000@ElishaFisher@VeronicaArtino@StefaniTre@kpopandkimchi@KhrystinaLee@SarangRavi@kissofdeath316@deilig@JenGambale@goinnutz22@Sailynn@ChaErica@MaeLyn@KAddict@Annaharris1989@DominiqueWhitak@AlmaRangel@Kayto4@TaliaMay14@narutobandgeek@Bwolfgirl@mightmuffin@NathashaXavier@unnieARMkeY@RaquelArredondo@sherrysahar@LemonLassie@SindyHernandez@SusiBosshammer@sleepingyoongi@EliseB@letsloveshinee@AaliyahNewbell@JenGambale@AdiaJasinski@MahelySandoval@JessicaVang@StephanieDuong@SerenityThao@MiahCisneros@MirandaStephens@hellhoundsuccub@TaehyungV@dragonlittle@NyxSukai@MiahCisneros@GamingAirbender@NiahriTaylor@MelissaGarza@CuteBabyLay@AlyssaGelet818@SamanthaRae19 (comment if you want to be added or removed)

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