Watch This Tiny Lady Devour A HUGE Burrito In 10 Minutes

Woman often get criticized for the way they eat or their portion sizes.

Kate Ovens seems to care less about what people think about her eating habits, and I LOVE it!

Kate Ovens is a 22-year-old competitive eater from the UK who posts videos of her many accomplishments to her YouTube channel.

Ovens’ latest effort was to attempt to become the first woman to beat the Belly Buster Burrito challenge at the British Mexican food chain Zapatista, by consuming a monster burrito that consists of three tortillas, chicken, pulled pork, rice, beans, sour cream, and other assorted toppings in under 10 minutes.

Ovens DESTROYS this burrito in 8 mins and change, leaving a couple minutes to bask in the glory of her victory.

My god, where has Kate Ovens been my whole life? Isn't this pretty cool?

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