Amnesia~ Chapter 2

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Hoseok x Reader (?)

Length: 991 words (I know, it’s short...sorry!)

Summary: In a heartbeat, he became a stranger.

Y/n's POV

It was a couple more days before they allowed me to go home. I was a bit shaky on my feet, but I managed to stay upright.

Jimin was waiting for me in the waiting area, engrossed in his phone and as soon as he saw me he came to help, supporting me from the waist up. I let myself rest in his arms, as just leaving the room and walking down the corridor had physically drained me.

“C’mon y/n”, he said gently. “Let’s go home.”


I couldn’t wait to be inside my apartment again. The familiarity would bring me so much more comfort than the hospital ever did.

i frowned as we missed a turn, turning to Jimin in confusion. “Jimin, we were supposed to go that way.”

He glanced over at me, but said nothing. “Oh, sorry... I thought we were going back to mine.”

Why would we do that?

Jimin’s POV

Jimin kept having to remind himself of y/n’s somewhat selective memory as he drove her back to her and Hoseok’s shared place.

Obviously the day of the accident she had told Jimin she was temporarily going to live with him, until she sorted stuff out. But she couldn’t remember.

Hoseok would be home at this time. Jimin reckoned he had forgotten that y/n was being discharged today, seeing as he hadn’t heard form him since the day y/n woke up.

So he would probably be not so pleasantly surprised when they both turned up without his knowledge.

Y/n’s POV

We pulled up outside the apartment as I slowly got out of the car. My movements were still a bit disjointed and stiff, so Jimin helped.

As he slammed the door shut I turned around and shuffled to the edge of the pavement and stared sat the road. The very last place I remembered standing before I was knocked down.

I could envision in happening to myself in my head and shuddered. Jimin noticed me staring, his hand still around my wait, and he pulled me in closer. He didn’t even need to ask- he just knew why I was looking there.

“It’s all right y/n”, he gently consoled me, despite the passers by staring at me freaking out. “It’s over, ok? Now c’mon, let’s go inside, it’s freezing.”

He gently nudged me in the direction of the apartment, and I followed, still replaying the horror scene in my head.

“Jimin, what would you have done if I had died?”

I swear I heard him mutter “Kill Hoseok”, under his breath, but he quickly replied, “Don’t say things like that.”

“By the way, should’ve mentioned earlier”, he said, trying to sound casual. “You know that guy you didn’t recognise? At the hospital?” I nodded, listening intently.

“Well... you kinda live with him.”

My mouth formed an ‘o; shape in shock- no wonder the poor soul looked so pained when I couldn't even remember who he was.

“Hoseok?” I double-checked.

He nodded. “Hoseok”, he repeated, somewhat grimly.

My belongings from the hospital hadn’t included my key, but thankfully, the door was unlocked.

I did slightly frown at this- I was never the type of person to leave the door unlocked. Was my room-mate this careless?

As we walked in, we heard some obscene noises, which made me and Jimin freeze to the spot.

The first thing I noticed was the room looked a mess. Broken glass here and there, the table turned over. What the hell had happened here?

“What the fuck?” Jimin whispered under his breath as I looked to him for an explanation.

He slammed the door shut, to let whoever was in there know that we were here.

“Oh shit!” I heard a female voice exclaim. She sounded scared. Probably because of how loud the door was.

“Jimin, you scared her”, I whispered, a smile on my face. But Jimin didn’t see the funny side. He stood there, arms folded. He seemed to be waiting, so I stood with him, not really knowing what to do with myself.

My room-mate Hoseok came stumbling into the room, pulling on a shirt. He visibly paled when he saw me. “Y/n”, he whispered.

Why on earth did he always look so scared of me?

I turned my attention to the pretty girl who had followed him out. Her hair was a mess. Alarm bells were ringing in my head as soon as I saw her.

“I-i’m sorry, do I know you?”, I asked, out of mere curiosity.I felt a pain in my chest as I looked at her but didn’t know why. She just turned red and shook her head ‘no’.

I shrugged to myself. Poor girl was probably embarrassed to have been caught in the act.

“You son of a bitch”, Jimin seethed, making me turn to him in shock. I looked at Hosoek- he was rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly, avoiding my eye contact.

“Jimin I-” Hoseok started.

There was something about him...I couldn't put my finger on it and it was driving me mad.

“How fucking dare you?” Jimin practically snarled at him. Hosoek looked pained but said nothing.

I gasped quietly. “Jimin, is she your girlfriend?” Maybe Jimin had been dating and I’d completely forgot?

He looked at me, his expression softening and sighed, shaking his head. “No, she’s not.” I relaxed a little bit.

“C’mon”, he said, suddenly tugging my arm, “I’ll explain on the way to mine.”

I let him drag me out as I wanted to know what on earth was happening.

“Y/n! Jimin! No, wait!” Hoseok yelled, but Jimin just kept on going. “Don’t tell her Jimin, please!”

All I could hear as we left my place was the sound of Hoseok’s loud sobbing


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