Revelry Part 24

“Welcome back Jak,” Kyungil states from the couch.

You’re pretty sure your face is the color of Jak’s hair, not just from her walking in but from recent activity. You go to move but his hands secure you in place. You look into his eyes, trying to see the message he’s sending. He opens his eye wider, tilts his head and you feel a twitch between your legs.

“We aren’t that good of friends,” he whispers.

You close your eyes and bite your lip. The hands holding you in place give you a pinch in response.

Jak looks back over with an eye roll; her phone and earbuds in one hand, an overnight bag in the other.

“Rude. I’m just going to go drown my sorrows in a bath.” She zeros in on Kyungil,

“Just remember Ill, that’s my best friend.”

She walks into the bathroom and shuts the door, grumbling to herself about how long Jiyong will be out of town.

“Oh my God, I’m so embarrassed,” you say the minute the door closes.

You hear a rumbling laugh from beneath you.

“Why? I’ve caught her doing worse.”

Your head whips up, “What?”

“Ji sometimes forgets where they are or that he invited people over that have keys. You seem to be having the same effect on me; I’m beginning to understand what the pull she has on him is.”

You look down with a raised eyebrow; “That’s a compliment right?”

He laughs as he pulls your face close, “Of the very best kind.”

After what seems to not be long enough, he lets you up with a heavy sigh.

“If I don’t leave now, I’m not going to. I don’t think Jak wants to be locked in there the rest of the night.”

He stands, takes your hand and wanders to the front door. Leaning down he gives you one last lingering kiss, then pounds on the bathroom door.

“Night Jak!” he hollers with a smirk as he walks out the door.

Jak pokes her head out the door five minutes later. She wanders over to where you’re sitting on the floor in front of the laptop, trying to look inconspicuous. She plops down, pulls out your earbuds and states,


Texts start coming in about an hour later.

MJA: Did you survive the interrogation?

Yep, still surprises you how well he knows Jak. You look at the initials you’ve given him; hmm, to change those yet or not? Nope, you decide to leave them, who knows what his behavior will be like in the next week.

YOU: You left me to fend alone.

MJA: Lol, I’m sure I’ll get my share.

YOU: True. She got out the ice cream and made it feel like a soap opera. It actually kind of has been.

MJA: It has been too dramatic for my taste.

YOU: Mine too! Can you turn that down a bit?

MJA: Me? I’m not the one getting offended every time I open my mouth.

YOU: Maybe you should think before you speak than.

MJA: ….

YOU: ?

MJA: I’m thinking.

You can’t help but laugh at him, what an ass. Come to think of it, what a fine ass. Hmm, maybe you’ll change his name to that. The texting continues for the next hour and around 11 Jak starts to complain.

“Really? Didn’t that boy just leave?”

“You’re just jealous because you haven’t heard from Ji yet.”

“Shut up,” she grumbles and rolls over to her phone buzzing. A quiet little squeal escapes from her; you just shake your head and go back to your conversation.


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