Make Your Education Work for You: Majoring In Cosplay

When I was an undergraduate in college, I studied English & Creative Writing as a double major. These disciplines fall under the broader category of 'liberal arts' and therefore my diploma is a Bachelor's of Arts. Or maybe two of those, because double major. Not really sure how that part works, to be honest.

I went to a New York state school. We basically picked from the available majors for study, though I imagine that if I had really tried and fought for it, I might have been able to create a more customized degree of study. You find now more and more that colleges are doing a lot to offer student-created degrees of study, fine-tuning their own education to their specific realm of interest.

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Announcement: My degree, though ultimately was the basic foundation for it, does not say "Major in Cosplay". It is simply a bachelor of fine arts. My transcripts say "interdisciplinary contract major". My dean and I worked up the term "Art and Performance FX" to fit the degree. So yes, it could also be said that "cosplay" is a way to describe my studies, though it falls short of everything I learned. Having said that- if anything, I hope these articles inspire other artists not to give up on what they love.

Boom, there you have it. Yes, she had a disciplinary focus on cosplay and performance FX, but the degree is still ultimately a liberal arts degree. I don't get the haters - she found a course of study she wanted to pursue and she did it! Isn't this exactly what we want for our students in America?

I've seen some shitty comments around other sites where this has been talked about. A lot of people making the same, tired old gripe about most Liberal Arts degrees; that's it's effectively useless. Sure- so is my English degree by that standard. That shouldn't be something you care about though. Main made her decision to study what she studied, same as the rest of us. It's on her, like anyone else, to find a way to make the degree pay off for her. You do what you've gotta do to make things work, only she did it in a way that allowed her to pursue her dreams very seriously, with an academic basis for the foundation of it.

Bravo, Ms. Main. I hope that people take the lesson here to heart; you can do fucking anything you set your mind to. Haters to the left, please.

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