The Songs You Need When You Realize Nothing is Permanent

Some things in life are but fleeting moments. You can try all that you want to resist the push of time against your life, but ultimately whatever bastion you hold to is temporary. There's is an adage that I've had hammered into my psyche over and over again in life; 'this too shall pass'. Be it good or bad or something in between, something else will come along and replace it.

No matter where you find yourself in life; just having begun a period of good tidings or bad, maybe in the middle of one, maybe at the end of something - it pays to always remember that this too shall pass.

Here's some music that will help you think through a period of change, be it for better or worse.

Hunger of the Pine - alt-J

At first glance, Hunger of the Pine might lead you believe that there's a tree metaphor at work here. Actually, it's pine in the sense of pining after someone. The song is about the way that pining after someone (or more loosely something) who's gone out of your life can hurt you like a crippling hunger, a hollow feeling in the pit of your stomach.

Butterflies and needles Line my seamed-up join Encased in case I need it In my stomach, for my heart Chain mail

When you have butterflies in your stomach, it's a good thing. When you feel pins and needles, it's anxiety or fear and pain. The combination of these things are the way people can impact us and make us feel all of it. Keeping them encased is holding on to a feeling you used to feel, but no longer do. Holding on to that memory is like chain mail for your heart.

Destination - Nickel Creek

It can be easy to dwell on things once they've passed you by. Nostalgia is a powerful sedative, and it can easily keep you locked into a repetitive pattern of thought. This song is here to help you shake off that funk and set your eyes on the horizon, to look for your next stop in life. Get out of this mire, get to where you need to be next.

I've gotta make a destination

Find where I belong

This time I've got no hesitation

And I'll be movin' on

(To where I belong)

I'm movin' on

You don't need to waste your time any more. Get out there and do bigger and bolder things. Your life is for the living, and you don't need to get backed up by old memories.

Santa Monica - The Front Bottoms

This whole song is a wistful ride, all about recognizing the emotional state you're in when you choose to look back on your life. Specifically this reads like a song about a lost love.

It's such a big city

I feel so stupid thinking I might see you if I wander around

If I do the things we used to do together and we were on the same level

You'd be doing them as well

It's about wishing for the past and remembering all the good you once felt before it came tumbling to the ground. It's about a friend or a lover who isn't around anymore and all you have left of them is the memory of you under the stars with your imported beer and the desire to be open and emotional with them, because after all, you are so emotional.

Photosynthesis - Frank Turner

People will line up all your lifetime to tell you how to live. Figuring out the right way for yourself comes down to whatever makes you fucking happy, and not what will make someone else happy. Figure out what you want in life, don't let someone else do the figuring out for you. In order to do that, though, you need to move. You won't learn anything by staying put in your little life. Find a way to get out, and get out. There are more opportunities than you think, or than the self-pitying part of you will admit.

And if all you ever do with your life

Is photosynthesize

Then you deserve every hour of these sleepless nights

That you waste wondering when you're gonna die

I don't think I could say it any better.

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