8 Hairstyles You Can Try with Dutch Braid

French braid

3 in 1 Style: Double Dutch Braid

From the video above you can see the different variation with one simple base. you can either finish the base with a ponytail, fishtail or braid updo. They are all fun style for spring outdoor events.

Double Dutch Side Braid

Instead of braiding it back down the center you can braid it to the side. It's a refreshing take on the classic.

Double Dutch S-Lace Braid

The cool thing about dutch braid is you can move braid toward any direction. You can make a s-shape just by maneuvering.

5-Strand Dutch braid

Pretty amazing huh? It looks simple yet complicated but all you're doing is connect the center strand of the two dutch braid to create this style.

Ombre Dutch Braid

One of the coolest thing of having ombre hair is it adds an interesting touch to braids. Take a look at the above for example. There are two contrasting color dutch braid at the crown but it merges into a fishtail braid.

Curved Lace Braid

Here's a combination of dutch braiding and S-lace shape method. Basically make an O-shape instead of S-shape. Keep it at one side. Once you're done with the braiding the ends roll it up into a bun and pin it to place.

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