GOT7 FLY IN USA Fan Support Story Project

As celebration for GOT7s 1st Solo concert in the World, The fan base I created 7th Heaven of AhGaSe (IGOT7s Reaching 7th Heaven) would like to invite all fans to participate in this very large project coming up this Summer for GOT7 to witness. We have merchandise plans, Giveaways and more coming up soon after ticket sales and the more help we get, the more this Flight Log Story can end with a good memory. What is 7th Heaven of AhGaSe? This is a new fanbase support that works with all cities in the U.S.A to prepare projects and support for FLYINUSA with GOT7 THE PROCEDURE Each city will have their own individual project to work on, but at the end, they will connect to one story AKA Flight Log. OPERATIONS Airport Security Merch Sales and Giveaways Charity Volunteer Recruitment Project Plans Event/Meeting Plans Our Group Page Below: This will be told in a story depending on the donations of Merch and Large projects. Read on.

This is a summary on how the Big Tour project will go about. Each certain day, a new chapter will be revealed, by City of Project. Once all 5 chapters are complete, the story will reveal it self. What that story is not known yet. This is something you as fans must solve to reveal the chapters. For now, it's the prologue. This is your story with GOT7 in: FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE.

Some of these will be in Tote bags. We will update that Next week on the presales and package. levels

7th Heaven Fan Project 7TH HEAVEN OF AHGASE PRESENTS: GOT7 FLIGHT LOG: DEPARTURE- JOURNEY TO AMERICA CHAPTER 1-1: FLYING AND FIGHTING FOR A CAUSE Summary: IGOT7 Dallas Team are planning to do a special fundraiser to make a difference in GOT7s name. We need all of the AhGaSes both U.S.A and International to join this cause. The boys will be in a much shock and gratefulness should we succeed. The Kindness of GOT7 Mission : Donate as much you can for the upcoming Charity Project. More info soon.

CHAPTER 2-1: SINGING BABY BIRDS Summary: Making a difference doesn't go unheard of right? The Chicago IGOT7 team has something under their sleeves that will reveal in a song. This will be known all over by every IGOT7 in KPOP and we need you to be the Voice of GOT7. Mission: Donate and prepare to remember the "Melody of GOT7", which will update soon.


Founder of KFA (KPOP Fans of America) Sept 23, 2015 Mission Statement: To make dreams a reality by forming a group of fans who can empower the abilities to bring KPOP idols to the U.S., rather than coming to them. Services: Crowd funding, promotions/advertising, News, chat rooms. Kakao ID: JTDurandal
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