Just re-binged!! IS: Infinite Stratos!!

Forgot I had already binged this when it first came out a couple or few years back but I just had to again since I started it and didn't have it rated or reviewed!! This is a sweet harem/mecha anime that I def suggest!! It's similar to most but it has its funny points for sure!! Rated: 7.18/10 I rated: 8/10 Synopsis- Japan engineered an armed powered exoskeleton "Infinite Stratos" (IS) and it became the mainstream of weapons. Since only women can operate IS, women dominate the society over men. Orimura Ichika is a 15-year-old boy and accidentally touches an IS placed in the IS pilot training school. He is found to be the only man who can operate IS and forced to enter the training school. Ichika's busy school life surrounded by girls has begun. Def add it to the list NAKAMA!! Anime is life!!

Hello NAKAMA! ANIMEISLIFE!! I Love ANIME; MANGA; LIFTING; One Piece/Naruto/Gintama/FMA/FairyTail/HunterXHunter/DB/Bleach& everything else. MANGA 4 ever!!
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