Walk To The Future Chapter 3: Departure.

lord guys I'm trying to keep up with uploading this story but school work keeps getting In the way and I'm beyond tired so I finally bulled myself from my boot straps and I'm typing it....finally sooo here ya go hope ya enjoy.......oh and I know this has nothing to do with this story but please.....for all of you who support Taeyong out there support him and try to let him know he's supported.

Mark's Pov Mark awoke to having V's foot wedged into his face. How Gross, This is why Mark didn't want to room with him. He checked his phone and it read 2:54 am. Groaning and shoving V's foot out of his face he gets up and starts to get dressed to head back to the Got7 dorm. He knows Namjoon is no bs about him staying another night but if he already has some of his stuff brought sneakily into the BTS dorm than there is nothing that Namjoon can do about it. After he finishes dressing mark uses the pillow on V;s bed to whack him in the face "Get up I need your help." Taehyung groans and shifts toward Marks direction but he keeps his eyes closed. "What...do you know how early in the morning it is...leave me alone...so annoying." "Tae I swear if you don't get up right now, I'll tell Jimin you raided his secret stash." V shot up immediately and got dressed extremely fast. Like I thought. After they snuck past Rap Mon sleeping on the couch, No Doubt because he had a fight with Namjoon, they left through the front door as quietly as they possibly could. "Why do I feel like we are doing something sneaky? Why did you need my help at fucking 3 in the morning anyway." Patience Mark. " Because I trust you." "Liar. try again." " I need your help getting some of my stuff out of the Got7 dorms." V scrunches up his nose at that. Great here it comes. "Namjoon hyung won't like that..." V looks at mark and see's that he is visibly irritated "...Not that I care." The next 15 minutes of walking are filled with V singing Attack On BTS and Mark usually wouldn't mind but if he hears 'Bangtan Sonyeondancheoreom' one more time he's gonna snap, good thing the dorm is coming into view. "Hey mark sing along...Geobeobsi Jibeomsamkinda, we got fire, fire, fire. Get higher, higher, higher- la, la, la, la, la, la-la, la, la, la, la-TURN UP!!!" " you really shouldn't be screaming Attack on Bangtan at 3 in the morning and besides we are here now so please be quiet." " KAY!!" "Taehyung im serious, I swear if you don't lower your voice." Mark eases the dorm room door open and walks quietly inside motioning for V to do the same. "Why do i feel like we are breaking in." "Who knows maybe its because you feel guilty that you're doing something wrong." Mark knows the voice that is coming from behind him and V gives him a the fearful face of recognition. They turn around and are proven right because standing there is JB. "Uh-oh busted." "Taehyung what are you doing here? Just along for the ride." "It was a walk actually." Mark shoots V a look that hopefully the other interpretted as 'V please shut the hell up'. "Why didnt you come home last night?" "I dont need to tell you everything that i do in my life JB." "I'm sick of your bullshit Mark, would you just apologize to Jackson." "No." "Mark i swear..." "What? What are you going to do JB, What could you possibly do to me that you already havent you, already have Jackson's interest, so just go back to kissing his ass would you and stay the hell out of my business." V started to look squirmish watching the whole situation take place so he decided to cut in to whisper and tell Mark that he was going to get his stuff out of his room. " Watch your mouth around me Mark! and What do you do you mean already has interest in me." Mark chooses to ignore JB and follow Tae down the hall since the younger didnt know which room was his. "Mark!" Jb finally yells making him stop in his tracks. "Why are you yelling!!" V backs up even more away from the two feeling like it was a mistake coming along with Mark. "Just apologize already! Thats all you have to do, stop being so immature." "Im just doing as i was told to do, he told me to stay the hell away from him, whats the problem with doing what i was told!" This was all his fault, everything is Jackson fault! "and if anything that butthole should apologize to me, and dont act like you are actually trying to fix the situation here , all you're doing is abusing your role as the leader!"

JB POV JB is already past the point of being mad since he was already fed up with the tention between Mark and Jackson. JB didnt exactly realize what he was doing until his fist had already connected with Marks face. However JB wasnt anticipating Mark to reciprocate the punch his punch. "Yah! what are you two doing?! stop both of you!" Taehyung tried to intervene and stop the two from hitting eachother however failed when JB knocked him out of the way. "Stay out of it Tae this has nothing to do with you!!" "Yeah but it has everything to do with our sleep being interrupted." Jackson voices with all tiredness and the rest of Got7 yawning behind him. Without breaking eyecontact with JB, Mark signals to V to get up from his position on the floor.." lets go we've over stayed our welcome." Mark turns around and grabs Tae by his wrist, and brushes past Jackson into their room. Mark starts calmly collecting all of his belongings with Tae's assistance with the rest of Got7 watching awkwardly and quietlt, however JB is the first one to break the silence. "and where do you think you are going?, we have schedules in two hours!!" "N, we don't. You, guys do. I'm leaving." Mark zips up his last suitcase full of sweaters that he disnt even bother about folding and tugs the suitcase towards the room door with him while Tae grabs his beanies of his bed. "Ill email, 'Your Manager' to let him know." After saying that mark Pushes V out of the room making his way with his stuff to the front door of the Dorm house. Does he have regrets?......No Will he miss Jackson?.....thats undecided Mark leaves the house with a slam of the front door and JB angrily cursing at him, but JB doesn't go after him and neither does Jackson. Jacksons POV Its been an hour since Mark left the dorm and its awkwardly silent in the dorm. Jackson sits on his bed staring at the empty bed and empty closet space that was his former band memvers side of the room. The manager already sent a grouo chat message discussing the events that had taken place at the dorm. However one person wasn't included in the chat. Mark. Right now all Jackson feels is how Marks old side of the room looked, Empty. But he doesnt know why exactly, maybe because his best friend left and he sisnt go with him. Or because he cant bother Mark in the group chat since he isnt actually a part of the group chat. Jacksons eyes sting with Familiarity, what a perfect time to cry, at 5 freaking 15 in the morning. Jackson makes his way to JB's Room door. he should turn back now but he knocks. JB anwsers the door a few seconds later with a rude 'what?' and alk of the things running through jacksons head he can only think of one to say to JB. "Comfort Me."

i hope it was good tho it took me all day to get it together literally!! school is no joke, but i had a semi breather so i said, why not....any who i think im gonna add and sprinkle a little MarkxTae relationship in here im not sure yet though.....and what would their ship name be.....Tark, Markyung, markv,......idk

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