{FTG} Q4: Favorite Edolas Character


Lucy Ashley, AKA "Scary Lucy"

This was an easy choice for me! She's a badass motha' who don't take no crap off of no one! (points if you get that super obscure reference, though I doubt any of you will get it. Hint: not anime-related). She's super tough, but also has a soft side. When I think about it, she's not really all that different from Earthland Lucy, but I just love her, especially when she's being a hard-ass with Edo-Natsu (which is always!)!

Honorable Mentions

This may have been an easy pick, but I still had other considerations!


Natsu Dragion

He's just so pathetic and adorable, especially in contrast with Earthland Natsu (not that he's not also adorable, just in a different way) - that is when he's not being a badass behind the wheel of his magic mobile! I may ship Edo-NaLu harder than NaLu...


Gajeel's Edolas counterpart is an investigative reporter, and they just made the perfect team - insta-besties! I loved watching them bond!



I just loved the Wendys' reactions to each other, how little Wendy got all flustered, and big Wendy didn't really know how to approach her mini-me!

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