Teak indoor furniture discount

Just buy a Chair, table or Cabinet yesterday. Today, the customer would like to be expertly advised and equipped with comprehensive information about the furniture. "A pre-selection on the basis of the"Golden M"label quickly brings the subsequent discussions with the consultant in the right direction and makes the purchase decision", Jochen Winning, Managing Director of the Deutsche Gütegemeinschaft advises furniture (DGM).

Teak indoor furniture

"Examined inter alia the points be stability, processing, functionality and of course the safety of furniture provided to us by the manufacturers and suppliers", winning explained. In addition, the production under the microscope will be and the furniture are tested for pollutants or smells. Only when they have gone through all the stations properly, they will receive the "Golden M". This ensures accept the "right" pieces in the pre-selection in the furniture business, and that the subsequent discussions with the consultant becomes a long-term success experience in a very short time.


"Who wants to go play it safe when purchasing a Chair, table, Cabinet & Co. in all respects, should be the selection of furniture especially the ' lead Golden M '", DGM CEO Jochen Winning recommends. The award-winning furniture have been tested by professionals not only stability, resistance, processing, functionality and security, but also towards their pollutant content. The list of substances includes include formaldehyde, residual solvents, CFC, heavy metals and flame retardants. While the DGM sets lower some maximum amount as the Federal Ministry of health. So, the legal limit allowed a twice as high permissible amount of formaldehyde than the limit of the Gütegemeinschaft. "Our quality and standards are deliberately more strictly applied for many substances, to prevent a health hazard for the consumer through quality-certified furniture, even in particularly em children people", emphasizes Jochen Winning.

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