VKOOK FANFIC: Janitor's Closet (Part 3)

Introduction: Everyone left the building except for Jungkook and Taehyung who in this case are stuck in a janitor's closet. Oh Taehyung is a neko!

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~Chapter 1~

~Chapter 2~

Get your holy water your gonna need it!!

Taehyung shouted in disbelief more than asking a question. Which made jungkook realize that he was sporting a tent in his pants, he sucked his teeth as he glared at his bulge that was amazingly nestled between taehyung's ass cheeks.

"Ugh fuck.... it's only because you keep moving around!" he tugged on taehyung's tail again.


"It's your fault......" he husked then grinned a bit when he thought of something.

"You're gonna have to fix it" the moment he made that decision he didn't care why he was acting such a way, it's not his that he doesn't find taehyung attractive..... he just never thought about it too much. He did start liking taehyung for some time but never let it go to his head. But he's not backing out now.

He moved his free hand to reach around taehyung's body and cupped taehyung's crotch. "Hmmm you're hard too you know"

(That's right taehyung is a virgin a pure virgin)

"What?! Your still a virgin?!"

"S-Shut the hell up already! You're so fucking annoying!" Taehyung yelled but jungkook only yanked on his tail for punishment, causing taehyung to make a slight keening sound out of pain and pleasure.

He looked back at jungkook from where he was leaning forward on the locked door. He felt a shiver run through his body a little as jungkook started to unzip his pants, letting it drop on the floor along with his underwear. Jungkook leaned forward having Taehyung's back on his body. Jungkook's breathing into taehyung's neck made him shiver and wimper a bit.

Jungkook cupped his right ass cheek, then moved to touch his heated cock on the other side.


"You're already dripping pre-cum" jungkook said in a low voice. He wrapped his hand around taehyung's member and began to stroke it. Tehyung squirmed again moaning a bit from the unknown sensation , his body slightly trembling, his hands bracing on the door for support as jungkook ran his thumb on the slit on the head of his cock.

"Does it feel good?"

Taehyung stayed silent not answering the other until he felt his tail being squeezed again and being rubbed on. He let out a weak moan while his nails scratched into the door.

"Must be a yes" jungkook said he stroke taehyungs dick until taehyung's breath hitched and threw his head back on jungkook's shoulder, releasing his cum messing himself.

Jungkook kissed taehyung moaning in the kiss with tongue everywhere feeling around taehyung's mouth. Pulling apart for air. He kissed all over his face and went down on his neck sucking, nibbling and licking it making taehyung let out small moans as he held on jungkook. He took off his shirt nibbling on taehyungs nipple's making teahyung arch his back . He went up and took off his shirt leaving taehyung to admire his toned chest and abs. Took his belt off and down his pants went leaving just his boxers on.

Taehyung blushed at jungkook's member already showing how hard he has. Taehyung knew what to do cause well he reads so he knows what to do when someone is hard. To jungkook's surprise he saw taehyung go on his knees taking the band of his boxers on this fingers and pulling them down, letting his member to spring. Taehyung's eyes went wide seeing how big jungkook is but nothing less took the member in his hand while the other cupped jungkook's balls."W-what the hell..." jungkook murmured as taehuyng kissed the head of his cock, then gave it a few kitty licks before opening his mouh to slip the head inside his hot and wet mouth.

Jungkook clenched his teeth and stood still as taehyung sucked and licked at his dick. "oh.. shit!" he groaned as taehyung started to go lower and bod his head leaving his saliva on his dick. Jungkook couldn't help but buck making taehyung moan which gave off vibrations to run through his dick. "Ah shit... where did you learn how to do that?" smirking jungkook asked him but knew he wouldn't be able to answer. He put his hand on taehyung's head making him go a bit deeper while he thrust a bit " almost there baby" he mumbled.

Taehyung hallowed his cheeks while jungkook slightly thrust his face. "shit.... oh fuck.... almost...there" jungkook chanted when just in time he spilled his seed in taehyungs mouth. Opening his mouth to catch the little remains on his tongue , then licking jungkook's dick clean and licking some that was dripping on the corner of his mouth.

Jungkook told taehyung to open his mouth in which he obliged and told his to suck his fingers in which he did smothering his fingers with his saliva. Jungkook took his fingers out of taehyung's mouth and told his to relax. He then took out digit and went in the virgin's hole.Pumping his fingers slowly he added another one going deeper than before and stretching him. He pumped his fingers in taehyung searching out for that sweet spot. "Ahh! Mmmmm right there... do it again" taehyung moaned out. Jungkook smiled knowing he found his sweet spot. He thrust his finger in a bit until taehyung was comfortable with the new sensation. He took out his fingers making taehyung whimper from the loss of the warmth but quiet down when jungkook placed the tip of his dick in his entrance. He first smeared his cum on taehyung entrance then slowly entered him. Taehyung whimpered and let a bit of tears go down his face when jungkook put all of his dick in. He kissed the tears away and told taehyung to relax. He kept thrusting in a slow pace. Telling sweet nothings to distract taehyung from the pain. He kept it at that pace until taehyung started to moan asking him to go faster. Jungkook started thrusting in taehyung harder making taeyung moan every thrust he made. Jungkook hammered him opening his legs so it would rest on his shoulder fucking him in another angle with looking for his sweet spot again.

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