TRI : PT 6

“How are the renovations going?” Grey hated having to wear a hard hat it was messing up his hair and he had some place to be after this.

“It’s going. We had to gut the whole building because of the damage from the fire and the water. It was hard to get someone willing to work on the building who can make it similar to how it was.”

“Everyone should be jumping at the opportunity to work for us. They know they will get payed a hefty sum.” He thought that Simon was being a little ridiculous with his claim. Every time he had to find a contractor he had to beat them off they all wanted to help.

“Well the last person who made the original lounge went missing. I heard Jay had him buried in concrete so he couldn’t tell any of the secrets of the buildings deigns.” Grey could not help but laugh at Simon and his crazy accusations. There was no way that Jay would do something like that. Right?

Letting out a sigh Mino opened the door to the gym. He really did not want to interrupt Zico while he was in there but this was important. Zico was beating the hell out a punching bag, Mino noted that today it was more of a stress relief than an actual work out. He cleared his throat getting the other man’s attention before talking.

“Zico the chief of police just called. He wants to set up a meeting at the Phoenix Hotel with the leaders of all three gangs. He didn’t sound to happy that peace is hard on the fence leaning more towards another war. Our fighting affects everyone in this town not just us. At least go and hear them out.” Zico only started hitting the punching bag harder making it swing violently. Mino caught it to keep it from hitting the other man.

“It won’t keep me from my agenda if I don’t like their terms.”

“I understand.”

Hoseok hung up the phone sighing heavily. They were not even in on this fight so why were they being dragged into it. Yes, the hotel was the safest place to have a meeting with the chief of police but it means that if things go bad they would be involved. Making his way to the front desk he opened the log for the meeting room adding in the meeting and making note for extra security that day at the hotel. This was going to be a long week of preparations; just then his phone rang.

“Yes Sir.”

“I got a notification about the meeting room made under your passcode.”

“Yes Sir. I was just about to come to the ware house and tell you. The chief of police has requested use of the space a week from now. He wants to have a meeting with everyone to make sure peace is still on the table.”

“I assume you are already getting everything ready for that day. Our guns will be in two days before so we won’t be going in cold in case anything happens.”

“Understood sir. I will inform the staff now.” The other end went silent as the call was ended. Not only did he have to deal with the hot heads and fuckboys but now there were going to be guns in the mix. Even better.

I know each section is kinda short but do you guys like this style? I'm trying to give you many perspectives.

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