What Is With All These LINES?!

It seems like every day there are new body and beauty trends in the Korean entertainment industry.

Honey thighs, chocolate abs, proportions, proportions, proportions.

One thing Korean entertainment is consistently obsessed with, though, are body lines.


This is for voluptuous ladies. Women who have some curves! That means hips and breast and the whole nine yards!


An X-Line is a Korean term for a certain hip waist ratio that results in an hourglass figure. Krystal is the main example of an X line because of her long limbs and torso.


Koreans often use this term to describe a sharp and narrow jaw line. Lots of idols get surgery to have this sharp jaw!

and then there are the bagels...

Bagel (Ladies)

Bagel for girls is made of the words "Baby" and "Glamorous". It means someone with a baby face with a voluptuous body.

Bagel (Gentlemen)

Bagel for men is made up of the words "Baby" and "Gladiator". It means a baby faced man with a powerful muscular body!

What do you think of all of these beauty standards? How do people survive with all these labels?

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