-Gotta stay positive, gotta stay positive- Hoseok’s muffled voice echoed inside his car. His arms were resting on top of the steering wheel and his face was shoved down the klaxon, eyes closed, trying to pull out his best positive thoughts for tonight.

Oh going to the party of the month seemed like the best idea out there, and being him the one he was, he dragged his friends there to not go alone. And now he was the one suffering, stuck in the middle of traffic in an avenue close to the theater just because the whole main street was full and he had over twenty minutes searching for a place to park his car.

Now he didn’t really want to admit that maybe bringing his car wasn’t the best idea. Even after a whole day of convincing his parents that he had to take the car with him because what was a race runner without a car? Anything for the sake of his costume. And thanks god neither Seokjin or Yoongi were currently with him outside driving in circles, because convincing them took another full load of charm and effort that only Hoseok was capable to pull off, even though at the very end, Seokjin had to help him out in trying to convince Yoongi because the boy wasn’t what one could call an easy piece. But here he was, outside, missing the party he had worked so much to go and a sigh leaved his lips.

A klaxon sounded behind him and he perked up his face, smiling softly. Finally, the line of cars was moving.

-Ok I’ll just do another turn around the theater’s block - he chirped happily now, full of hope that maybe, just maybe, this time he was going to be able to find a spot. His fingertips danced upon the steering wheel while he hummed along the song that was playing on the radio.

Now he was getting near the theater again, the street almost memorized by him already and he sat straight on his seat, scanning through the street for the oh-so-desired spot for his car; but everything was as full as when he first arrived. A curse was dancing on the tip of his tongue wanting to be said out loud, was this for real? who in his right state of mind organizes a party and don’t think about where is people going to park their cars? Hoseok felt the start of a frown taking over his forehead. He was already on the verge of calling his friends and quit when a sight made him stop with the phone already on his hands.

To say that it was interesting, was still an understatement.

Hoseok stared at the sidewalk, a little away from the main entrance of the theater and the overall fuzz, there was a girl walking, a pretty baby blue dress waved on the night wind with her distracted steps and the fabric shone slightly to the light that the lampposts offered. Her hair was tied in an elegant updo with a pretty black headpiece at the front. He knew he should be looking to the street instead, but his eyes were glued on her.

Her frame, her walking, her way, he knew it all; the recognition of you running through his memory. He knew you and now he wanted to know why on earth where you walking barefoot in such a cold night and looking as if you didn’t really know where to go.

You were looking down at the sidewalk, counting the little lines that you passed. The feeling of the hard concrete against your bare feet was a little disgusting but after a moment you started to accept your fate and decided to leave the party for good before you embarrassed yourself a little more than what the sight of you walking barefoot around could achieve. You kept your mind positive, already daydreaming of the moment when you arrived home and could put a decent pair of shoes, but your mind wanders were interrupted by a strong sound of brakes screeching when a car hurriedly pulled over and a klaxon was being ruthlessly smashed with more energy than needed.

You raised your head towards the car that was stopping the traffic and making klaxons and displeased words echo around you. A head that you knew was more than familiar poked outside the driver’s side and started to wave a hand towards you.

-Y/N! Y/N over here! - you stood frozen in your spot for what felt like ages and held onto your tiny and sparkling silver purse.

-Hoseok? - you asked surprised, that seemed to make him even more excited and he called you over with his hand, the drivers behind him were starting to get restless since he was stopping everything just to wave at you.

Hoseok chuckled to himself, you seemed as if you had just seen a ghost, but that didn’t stop him, he couldn’t drive by and leave you there barefoot in the night. In the middle of it all, he spotted what seemed to be Yoongi’s car and praying to all the gods out there that it was actually his car, Hoseok blocked it with his own, parking behind it dangerously close, but as long as Yoongi didn’t see it, he was going to be alright and Hoseok wasn’t planning to stay there for long.

He took off his seatbelt and jumped out of the car to meet you on the sidewalk.

He jogged until he reached you and stopped in front of you in all his bright self, resting his hands on his hips and taking a deep breath. You breathed deeply as well, it had been quite some time since the last day you saw Hoseok and suddenly you regretted your current state.

You both knew each other simply because you happened to live close, and he had always been that cute neighbor from across the street that you secretly liked to stare at more often than not. But you had been away studying, only returning home for vacations and only now you could fully notice how much he had actually grown. Of course times passes and people change, you weren’t the same little girl either but Hoseok was so handsome now, taller, his shoulders were broader, his jawline more outstanding and for a brief moment you lost your words.

-Aren’t you taking your costume too seriously Y/N? - he said to you, making you snap out of your thoughts. You looked down at your costume and felt a wave of heat rushing up to your face uncontrollably fast. -Didn’t Cinderella lose only one shoe? -

You giggled embarrassed now, your toes moving cutely to the mention of your nonexistent shoes. -How did you know? -

Hoseok chuckled louder than what he intended. -My sister made me watch the entirety of Disney princesses movies with her, of course I would recognize a walking Cinderella if I saw her - he smiled wholeheartedly to you and you thought that even if many things in Hoseok had changed, his smile didn’t. It was as comforting and soothing as you remembered it.

-So, um… hi - this time Hoseok looked at you better, last time he saw you was through a window while you were saying goodbye to your family in your last vacations. You had talked often, and used to hang around together when you were younger but as time passed by he would find himself stealing glances your way, checking you up because you had grown to be the prettiest girl he knew. And if Hoseok was asked what his type of girl was, he would simple say it was you. He cleared his throat and tried to look the least awkward possible in front of you. -Long time not seeing you Y/N-

-Yeah, long time - you smiled at him, don’t really minding anymore your current state. -How have you been Hobi? -

-Better than you I guess - he couldn’t control his laugh anymore and bursted in loud chuckles in front of you. -I’m so sorry Y/N, but why are you walking around barefoot? -

- I bumped into this angel girl because she was walking so hurriedly and well…- you stared down at your feet, feeling yourself smiling to the ridiculousness of it all. -I lost my shoes- Moving your eyes back to him, you shrugged. -I fell, they came out and some guys decided it was fun to steal my shoes and play around with them because of my costume and all…-

-That’s not okay - Hoseok said, feeling himself getting mad to the boys who dared to leave you walking barefoot.

-Nah, not a big deal Hobi - you put a hand on his forearm and smiled. -I decided to leave anyway-

Hoseok stared at you smiling, your personalities were alike truth be said, you were as good as him to keep looking on the bright side of things and staying put with positivity.

A little gust of wind blew and made you shake slightly, your pretty dress wasn’t actually made to protect you from the increasing cold of the night, and when you hugged yourself with your arms, Hoseok instantly took off his racing jacket and put it on top of your shoulders, staying with only the white T-shirt he had underneath and the matching pants to the jacket.

-You don’t have to…-you started to say, feeling all flustered for such a gesture.

Hoseok waved one hand on the air and dismissed it. -It’s ok, it was really hot inside that anyway - he said smiling brightly at you and you could actually feel all that heat he was talking about because Hoseok’s jacket was so warm and delicious against your cold skin, it also had the smell of his cologne and it made it all even better.

-Come here - he turned around to give you his back and bent down a little, bending his knees slightly. -Climb -

-What? - you asked, looking at his back. Hoseok peeked at you over his shoulder and his smile had not leaved his lips at all. He made a sign with his head to the front and smiled even wider.

-Climb, I’ll take you to the car - His voice was soft and god help you, nicer and huskier than what you remembered.

Tentatively placing your hands on top of his shoulders you felt him laugh under his breath, making you do the same. This was crazy, and you’d never think your night was going to end this way but here you were, jumping on your spot so Hoseok could hold your legs that curled around his hips and give you a piggy back ride to his car.

You surrounded his shoulders with your arms and clung onto him, letting your head rest against the side of his neck with your breath tickling his skin.

His car wasn’t far, and you found yourself wishing it wasn’t that close because Hoseok’s back was so comfortable, he carried you without any seeming effort and chatted a bit, but you weren’t really paying attention, your mind was lost into him.

-I need the keys Y/N - he said laughing, and you nodded. -They’re in the right inner pocket of the jacket-

-Ok ok - you straightened yourself up on his back and searched for the keys handing them to him when you found them.

Hoseok deactivated the car’s alarm and opened the trunk, rummaging through the several things in there.

-What are you looking for? - you asked now curious, peeking over his shoulders and trying to see.

-I’m - he said with a cheeky voice. -getting you some shoes Cinderella-

Indeed, he was now holding a pair of black flats on his hands, that clearly didn’t belong to him because those were from a girl. Hoseok closed the trunk and walked you to the passenger side, opening the door to place you comfortably on the seat. -These are my sister’s - he said, crouching in front of you with the flats on his hands and a smile, as if he saved girls from walking barefoot as a daily basis.

-Won’t she mind? - you worried about it even as Hoseok shook his head effusively.

-Nah, let me - he placed one flat on the asphalt and kept one of his right hand. He wasn’t sure if his sister was going to complain or not, but truth be said he could handle her later, for now he wasn’t letting you go without shoes around if he could do something about it. His left hand curled around your ankle to hold your foot in place and put the first flat on you.

You stood silent with your hands on your lap, a little smile blooming on your lips and your heart beating fast.

-Aren’t you the one taking my costume too seriously now? - you teased him, trying to focus on Hoseok and not in the way his fingers were so warm on your ankle while he put the other flat on you. -Putting me the shoes and all-

Hoseok laughed out loud and looked up at you, shrugging lightly. -Maybe princess - you heart definitely managed to beat even more wildly after the cute nickname and the smile that followed it.

Hoseok stood up and rested his arm on the car’s roof, leaning towards you so he was all you could see now.

-So, you said you were leaving right? - you nodded like in a daze, your mind working too fast by how close he was. Hoseok looked back to the party and then at you, smiling.

-I’ll take you home then - he said as if nothing, and motioned for you to sit straight so he could close your door and take a seat behind the wheel.

He started the engine and drove away from the theater, you turned to him on your seat. -But Hoseok, weren’t you going to the party? I could find my way home by myself - and it was true, you could, but going home with Hoseok was even better.

-Yes, I was - he took a quick glance to your way before fixing his eyes on the road again. -but being with you is far better- you saw him smile lightly to his own comment as if he couldn’t believe what he said.

After a moment of silence in which both of you were too embarrassed to look at each other, you spoke softly. It was mere whisper breaking the silence of the car.

-I like being with you too Hobi- both of you laughed, and it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. Everything about Hoseok was so light and easy, the car ride was peaceful, chatting about anything and everything with him. About college, about your life in general, about the things you had missed when you weren't’ around and before you knew, Hoseok was pulling over in front of your house.

-Thanks for bringing me home - you said, your fingers dancing on the door’s handle because you didn’t want to leave his car just yet.

-Is nothing- he shrugged. -You didn’t really think I was leaving you there did you? - he laughed, taking off his seatbelt and turning to face you. -It’s so nice to see you again Y/N-

It was good that you were sitting, because Hoseok was looking at you in such a way, and his tone was so honest it made you slightly weak on the knees and you couldn’t suppress the silly cheesy smile that took over your lips.

-You can always visit me Hoseok - you said, clutching your purse tightly just to hold onto something. That seemed to brighten up his face even more.

-I’ll surely do - he said, completely sure that he wasn’t saying no to visiting you. -Now you should get inside…- he said, sad that you already had to go but hoping to see you sooner than later.

-Yes, I should…- you said, with the same tone as him. A couple stares more and shared smiles and you stepped outside his car. Hoseok followed shortly and walked you to the front door.

-I hope you were meaning that visit, because I’m definitely coming, ok? - he said to see if you were really up for it. You simply smiled, covering your mouth with one hand and nodded. Hoseok offered you a relieved smile and put his hands inside his pockets. -Good night then, I’ll see you around- he said and walked back to his car.

You stared at him while still standing in front of your door. Hoseok took a seat behind the wheel and closed his door, staring at you with his window down. You knew he was waiting for you to get inside, and before you chickened out you ran again to the car.

-Hoseok, - you called him when you stopped in front of his window. He looked up at you for the second time that night, the same smile that you knew so well and the same kind eyes.

You leaned in, your hands on the window frame to steady yourself and placed a kiss on his cheek.

-Good night - you said softly and then ran again to your door this time actually entering and leaving a smiley Hoseok outside, he was paying that visit tomorrow, with the excuse of getting back the jacket that he knew you were still wearing but that he said nothing about just so he could use it on his advantage.

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