Revelry Part 26 Finale

Warning: Mild language

“Actually, Ill can I speak with you?”

Jak turns to you, “Eat if you can, I’ll be right back.”

You watch the two of them head out the door and shake your head. Why? Everything was going so well, what did you do this time? You have no appetite for food anymore, your stomach feels hollow and achy; tears sneak out of your eyes and down your face of their own accord. You put the pan of food you were making in the fridge and head over to the couch. Better to get a good cry out now rather than when Jak gets back.

Your back is to the room, your body curled around a throw pillow, tears spilling freely down your face when you hear the door beep and open. You don’t look up; right now what you need is someone who understands; the comfort of a good friend. Even though Jak doesn’t like to be touched, she puts that aside when someone she loves is in pain.

You feel the couch depress by your feet but it isn’t a small body that curls around you in a hug. Strong, muscular hands lift you up and sit you in his lap. One hand attempts to soothe you and the other tries to wipe away your tears.

“You’re right, I’m a Jack-ass,” he says as he kisses the top of your head.

“And you’re the closest thing there has ever been to a jack-ass whisperer.” You can’t help but let out a pitiful little laugh that sounds more like a hiccup.

“I don’t understand what I keep doing wrong.”

He lets out a sigh and moves your head where he can see you.

“You didn’t do anything; apparently I don’t know how to talk.”

He rests his forehead against yours and starts again.

“I shouldn’t have kissed you on the set today,” you go to speak but he shushes you, “let me finish”.

“Remember when I said I knew what pull Jak had on Ji and that you have that on me?” He waits for you to nod and continues. “I saw how nervous you were, I knew it was a big deal for you. All I wanted to do was wrap you in my arms and make everything go away. I don’t want you on the set because I can’t focus on what I'm supposed to do. I had no idea how distracted you’d make me.”

“Why didn’t you just say that instead of commanding me to leave the set and telling me you couldn’t work with me?”

“I’ve been made to see that that was the wrong way to approach it.”

He wipes away the last of your tears with his thumbs.

“I don’t think you’re a slut, but even if you were, I want you to be MY American slut, no one else’s.” He can see the look of fire in your eyes and he shakes his head, “Still wrong I guess, let me try again.”

“I couldn’t do anything right at the filming today, my mind was on you. I was frustrated in more than one way; yeah I took it out on the guys a bit. All I wanted to do when I got here was be with you, love you but the frustration came out instead.”

He leans down and gently presses his lips to yours. Cupping your face and smoothing back your hair he continues,

“When I first met you, I didn’t want to like you. And then you picked up those stupid chopsticks.”

He chuckles and kisses you on the nose. You burrow deeper into his arms as he goes on.

“I made a list of what I didn’t want to like about you; but it became my list of what I actually find adorable. The thought of being kicked out your door and life makes me desperate to want back in.”

He adjusts you in his arms so that he can look you in the face,

“If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m confessing woman. I’m confessing that I want to date only you, I don’t want to even look at anyone else,” he takes a deep breath, “and that I think I’m falling in love with you.”

You’re head is spinning. This is definitely not the way you thought this night would end with the way it had begun.

You look around the apartment, “Where’s Jak?”

He pulls back from you, a look of astonishment on his face.

“Seriously?! I confess and you want to know where Jak is? You’re killing me here feisty!”

You reach over and pinch him,

“Just answer the question.”

He closes his eyes, mutters a few choice words, but explains.

“Jiyong showed up while we were outside talking. He flew in for the weekend to surprise her. I’m assuming they went to his place.”

With that you reach up and wrap your arms around his neck and pull his head down. “Good. Because I thinking I’m falling for you too.”

[2 hrs later]

You snuggle in closer to his warmth, never wanting to leave the safety and comfort of his arms. You’re drawing lazy patterns on his chest when he picks up your hand and gives it a kiss.

“I have something for you.”

You sit up and watch him go rummage through his jacket pocket. He withdraws a bag and comes back to his previous position, pulling you close.

“I thought it ironic earlier that you mentioned Korean customs. What I originally came over for tonight was to give you this.”

He pulls out two smaller bags, opens one and pulls out a ring. He slides it on your finger and looks down at you,

“Can I call you my woman now and tell you what to do?”

You smile down at the ring,

“Aren’t there supposed to be two? One for me and one for you?”

He grins and pulls a matching ring from the other pouch. You steal it from him so that you can put it on him yourself.

He starts playing with the new ring on your finger, “Now? Are we official now?”

You tilt your head, stare at the ceiling a minute, and stay there until he groans and falls back on the pillow. You climb on top so that you’re looking down at him and say,

“You know.. you really are a jack-ass.”

Before he can complain you whisper against his lips, “But you’re MY jack-ass” [MJA].

The End

Couple rings... and........ meet Jak! Yep, she's real not fictional and her sass is beyond what is in the story. In fact, she read each section first to make sure it was something she would actually say lol.


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