UNIQ Dating Game Round 3

First, here's the results from your selection from round two!


1 City: 20-somethings who meet through a mutual friend

One day you go to a coffee shop with a work colleague over your lunch break. After you both get your coffees, you find a table to sit down at, and talk about work and some office rumors. A few minutes pass and she looks over toward the counter. She immediately jumps up to go greet the person who's just finished ordering. They stand and chat for a few minutes; you watch people walk past the window as you wait. Eventually she comes back with an extremely attractive man at her side. You can't help it and you end up staring a little but attempt to try to keep your cool. She introduces you two saying she worked with him at her previous job and they were good friends. You invite him to sit down with you both and he takes you up on your offer. The three of you talk for a while, but shortly need to return to your jobs. He asks if he can get your phone number so you two can keep in touch. He uses your jobs as an excuse, but you both know he doesn't mean that. You agree and exchange numbers. He calls you a few days later and you end up going out for after-work drinks.

2 Forest: Reunited childhood friends

Your parents were good friends and you lived on the same block of houses. You knew each other since you could walk and talk. You spent most your childhoods' as inseparable friends and riding bikes, having picnics, and playing games. However, as you were entering middle school his family had to move because his father was offered a better job in another city. You kept in touch with occasional calls and letters; unfortunately, as children often do, you eventually grew apart. In your junior year of high school you find out there is going to be a new transfer student. At first you don't recognize him, but once you hear his name you know it is him. You can't believe how cute he has gotten. He recognizes you immediately and runs to you after class while calling your name. He grabs you up into a big hug and asks a bunch questions all at once in excitement. "I'm so happy you go to the same school! How's everything been? How's your mom and dad? Did you dye your hair? You look so different with it like this, but I still recognized you. Does it sound weird to say I missed you and was hoping you'd be here?" You giggle. "Slow down and take a breath! Everything's been good. They're fine. Yes, I dyed my hair. I'm very happy you still recognized me. And no, that's not weird at all." "You have a good memory to remember all those in order. Anyway! We need to talk more and get to know eachother all over again." "Yes, of course we do." He finally lets you go and you notice that everyone is looking at you with odd stares as you just got hugged by the new boy on the school's lawn, but you really couldn't care less. Over the next few weeks you find yourselves glued to one another during breaks and lunch hour. You spend time catching up and joking around; it feels like you never spent those years apart.

3 Night Sky: College students who meet in class

You both met in college. You had an economic class together and he watched you from afar. You were both very shy and he had a hard time working up the courage to talk to you. At a house party you spot each other from across the room, after a few seconds of eye contact you look away. As soon as you look up though you see he's gone, but soon enough someone taps on your shoulder. You look back and there he is; shyly smiling and making short bursts of eye contact with you. You talk over the music. "Hi. You're in my economics class, right?" He tries to talk, but the music is too loud and he can only just barely hear you. Not to mention, people are continuously bumping into you or walking in between you two. You decide to go somewhere more quiet and make your way upstairs. You go out one of the windows and sit on the roof looking up at the stars. At first there is some awkward silence, but you can't help admiring how handsome he is in the moonlight. After a minute or so, he nervously starts talking about constellations and their stories; he tells you he was a bit of an astronomy geek in high school. As the conversation goes on you both learn a bit about each other. Before you know it the party has died down and the sun is rising. After that you find that he has started sitting next to you in class and you spend time talking with each other on the campus lawn between classes.

4 Beach: 20-somethings who meet through an app

Your friend has been bothering you for a couple weeks to try this new dating app. She says it's really easy to use and that you can give out as much or as little information as you choose. You give in and decide you'll only give out your first name, a picture, and your age. The app is location based so you don't need to mention your city. After a few days, you've received many creepy messages from men around the city. You're a bit disturbed by how many people are that inappropriate and a bit disappointed in society when you think about it. When you finally make up your mind to delete this app, you receive a message. You talk under your breath. "What's this, another soul violating sonnet?" You open it to find it's a message from an attractive man. You're not fooled though, plenty of good looking men have sent you gross comments in the last few days. You open it to read what he sent. "I hope this message doesn't get lost in your inbox, I can only assume it's overflowing and you may not see mine. If you do see this though, I'd like you to know that I'd love to get to know you. You don't have any interests listed and I hate to message you based on nothing but your looks (it seems shallow), but it'd be cool if you'd look through mine and see if you'd want to keep talking. I'd love to get to know you...I said that already. Well it's true, so I'm (im)patiently looking forward to a response from you. Have a great day!" You're surprised by his message, seeing as how it's the only normal one you've received. It's actually pretty cute. You decide to message him back after seeing you have a few things in common. You hit it off and eventually can delete that awful app once you felt comfortable giving him your real number.

5 Country Road: College students who meet at a restaurant

You and your friend have a ritual of going out to eat every other week at your favorite restaurant. You know all the faces of the staff that works the front of the house there. Which is why the new waiter happens to catch your eye when he takes your order. You think to yourself. Why is this guy a waiter? He could easily become a model with looks like his. You read his name tag. Even his name is kind of chic sounding. Your friend taps your hand to get your attention. "Are you going to order?" You can feel your cheeks redden a little. "Oh! Lunch number three, please." He smiles. "Of course, I'll go put in your order." He walks away and your friend gives you a hard time. "You were about ready to start drooling over him. I get that he's attractive, but wow." "He's more than attractive. He's absolutely gorgeous." "You should flirt with him." "How do you even flirt with a waiter?" "Easy." You sigh. "Elaborate miss expert." "Well, there's not a ton of ways, I can only think of two. The easiest one would be to just look at him from a across the room, when he notices you look down for a moment, then back up and smile. Super simple." "And the other." "Leave your number. That's pretty forward. Never know though, he could get fired tomorrow and you'll never see him again." You groan. "You're right. I feel like such a dork though." "Worst thing he can do is not call you. He can't be a jerk either since we're customers." "It'd be awkward if he waits on us again though." "Let's quit assuming he'll turn you down." You follow your friend's advice and it works perfectly. At the end of your meal, after having made eyes at each other throughout it, you leave a piece of paper with your name and number written on it and the waiter's name. He texts you immediately at the end of his shift. You're caught off guard by his eagerness, but you are very excited that your little plan worked.

Round 3!

Let's pick again! Time to find out who the "other man" is! Comment the number of the animal you pick!

They will be from other groups of course and I will try to pick popular groups! Hopefully you get someone you know!

1: Giraffe

2: Dog

3: Peacock

4: Tiger

5: Horse

6: Hedgehog

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