Mandy Candy: Sweaty VIXX

It's that time again! For some Mandy Candy! ya'll ready?

Out of a total of 9 votes.

Sweaty VIXX got 6 votes. Barefaced VIXX got 3 votes.


N.... Nnnnnnn. Cha Hakyeomg.

Jung Taek-swoon. Leohhhhh.


Jaehwan the Dolphin. (*Dolphins do not sweat)

*** Please make a card proving he does. I cannot find proof easily. I challenge you!***


Hong Been Sweatin' Buckets.

Man Hyuk

R-A-V-I Need an Umbrella

For next week's Mandy Candy, I'm bringing back 2 options that didn't make it before.

Manly Ken or Cha Booty?

I'm switching up the voting method, that will help me count them and will help get even more votes in and it will be easier! I'll put the choices in the comments, just LIKE the comment as your vote! Easy Peazy, Right?

Tagging the VIXXENS : @StefaniTre @Helixx @AimeeH @kelseyblair @JiyongLeo

and St☆rlights (see this link if you want to be added to the tag list:


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