Re: Zero Kara hajimeru isekai seikatsu!! Wha..!!

SPOILERS POSSIBLE❗️❗️❗️❗️ I'm sure@hikaymm has already discussed this anime but I want to review as well as go over what kinda anime we are dealing with!! So it starts off as the usual anime and then possible harmed or ecchi Styke the u get hit slashing and blood throwing?? Ok not surprising for the mix, then the name transfer and past to future reference misplaced, wait I mean not confused but reality misplayed!! Yes!!! So anytime your not only dying but injured cut or hurt your thrown into the loop, possibly?? This is a critical but momentous moment for this anime to re create is real into a new tsundere/ecchi/harem broad stats type anime which I am totally fine with!! The time loops that are either possible interfered or intertwined with this alternative life plain to keep yourself either hidden or in a continuation of reality due to previous life experiences and data to keep this lifestyle going are getting good!! Who else can agree that it gets that spice that's added to the taste to kick itself up and add that constant wonder for each episode to make it a top 5 contender for new releases. Personally this season there is too much competition. But if the current #1 is my hero academia then I think this anime has a chance I the top 3 maybe not consistently but for a while due to its alternative actions that keep it the way it is supposed to be!! Another thriller and another episode based anime which makes it a great week by week anime to kill the charts with the suspense bc it isn't over grueling!! Anime is life!!

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