EXO's Suho unintentionally proved that he really is the complete package by answering questions about his background on 'Beatles Code 2'. He starred on the latest episode alongside Ivy and EXO's Chanyeol, Chen, Kai, and Luhan. When MC Tak Jae Hoon asked if it was true he came from a rich family, Suho looked flustered as he said, "No, it's a misunderstanding." However, those on set didn't seem to believe him as Shindong remarked, "Usually when you take a look at groups, every group seems to have their representative rich member. For Super Junior, that's Siwon. EXO probably has one too, so is that supposed to be Suho?" Suho responded, "No," but the rest of his members nodded and said "Yes," once again flustering Suho. Chen then revealed something that solidified Suho's unofficial position as the "representative rich member" by saying, "His hobby is playing golf." The MCs looked up in surprise as golf is a very expensive hobby in the country. Although Suho tried to explain, his answers - "It's just that I had an opportunity to learn when I was in middle school," and "I lived in the apartment building next to where Siwon's family's apartment used to be," - ended up convincing the MCs about his family's well-off background. The idol, however, insisted that his family is not extremely wealthy. Suho explained that his dad is a professor and that his mom was once a teacher, but that she's now a housewife. On how his family felt about his dreams to be a singer, he revealed, "They told me to keep my studies up until high school at the very least. So I studied and practiced simultaneously and ranked in the top 50 of my entire school," revealing that he's not only got the looks but the smarts as well. Suho's members also added that he's pretty generous and treats them out to meals often. Kai shared, "Suho hyung once paid 800,000 won (~$705 USD) when all of us went out to eat." Suho continued to impress with his humble nature as he commented, "I treat them a lot because I'm the hyung and also the leader."

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