Who's that Pokemon Memes!

Sorry guys, but there won't be a Who's that Pokemon today :( I know i'm sorry but for today i'm going to be showing Who's that Pokemon Memes! (or just Pokemon memes in general) Again sorry for no Who's that Pokemon.


I will post one tomorrow, along with the contest so stay tuned for that!

Also scroll to the bottom to see one of my art works! I'm pretty sure you will like what you'll about to see :)



Thank you for looking at the pokemon memes now I here's something that might spark your interest :)

The Quick Brown Fox Jumps Over The Lazy Dog

I'm a graphic designer, and the image above is one of the art projects i have worked on. Yeah it still needs some work. But I was thinking i could make a Pokemon Font that looks similar to the image above.

What i' aiming for in the graphic design business is to make designs that is aiming towards kids. I love designing cute and adorable things. When I'm finish with it i will make sure I will post it for you guys to see

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