Hair Perfume is the Next Dry Shampoo?

a selection of hair fragrance

What exactly is hair perfume or hair fragrance?

It's an aromatic hair mist that contains vitamins that helps strengthen and polishes your hair. Now, it's marketed a second day hair magic potion that works similar to dry shampoo and is sometimes used simultaneously.


Refreshes & Moisturizes Hair

When used with dry shampoo it will absorb excess oil, restore volume and replace pungent smell. Unlike traditional perfume, hair fragrance helps revitalize and restore hair with keratin and silk oils.

Protects & Help Fight Frizz

It also claims to protect against fading because of the UV filters included in the ingredient. The hair mists is infused with technology that will help fight frizz and give your hair extra shine.

Anyone uses hair perfume? Do you think it's helpful?

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