This Pizza Box Is Made Out Of Pizza!

It's a box! Its a pizza! Wait, it's both?!

Brooklyn-based eatery Vinnie's Pizzeria has been changing the game for a while now. When you visit the shop, you're guaranteed to find a pretty bizarre offering.

Order the 'Pizzaception', and you'll get a mini pizzas layered on a bigger pizza. (It's a pizza on a pizza!)

Order the 'Mac & Cheese' slice, and your pizza will be topped with a generous spread of baked macaroni and cheese.

Now, Vinnie's Pizzeria has come out with the Pizza Box - a whole pizza served in a pizza 'box' made out of even more pizza!


This pizza-in-a-pizza was originally made as a 'joke' to limit paper waste, but social media made us all weird foodies, so now they're selling them for $40 a pop.

So would you guys order this? Or does it all just seem like heartburn waiting to happen?

Let me know in the comments below, and for more things you didn't know you needed

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