{FTG} Why do I love Fairy Tail!?

Here we are with the final prompt for the {FTG} And it's asking why we love Fairy Tail! There are thousands of reasons to love Fairy Tail, being that this is a late card I'll keep it short and simple!

Fairy Tail is an anime I think everyone could love and I think all should watch it's amazingness! It has it all from great battles to a wonderful story development! I love how all the characters play a part one way or another. With there being so many characters I wasn't sure if it would play out right when I first stared watch, how wrong was I!

With every new arc, the present new and fun twists in the story. I love how they incorporated each characters background into the story to fit so well with the others. This show will undoubtedly make you laugh even sometimes cry! It helps deliver great and powerful messages about oneself and life. It shows how evil can become good and how good can become evil. The power of friends and that family is not just limited to the blood running through your veins. And come on now it also has beautiful girl and freaking dragons fighting eachother!!

Like I said, short and simple! This was a great and fun challenge! I'm definitely looking forward to the next one! We should do many more like this regarding different shows, giveaway or not! Well thanks! Mods:@hikaymm @tylor619cruz @Thatperson512 @AimeBolanos Peeps:@SAMURXAI @otakudemon10 @InVinsybll @jessicaferrier @reinshirai@JohnMcCullough

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