Whatever day

The American Holiday Association reminds you that next Monday is “Do whatever you want” day. It’s like Independence Day only instead of honoring your country, you are spending the entire day honoring the presence of any kind of daily activity and the people who participate. It can any kind of activity at all: dancing in the rain, playing drums at the metro subway, finger painting the walls of a high school, climbing skyscrapers, or even being fondled by a dominatrix wearing your cousin’s night gown and pressing your skin back and forth with a cello. Everyone is eligible. In fact, not only is America eligible, but everyone in the world is free to do anything they wish to do, and it’s perfectly legal.

So, stop by your local town hall today and receive your twenty four hour whatever daily pass and gather your friends and family and do something fun they enjoy doing. And while you’re at it, why not meet some new people from your area and do a fun activity you’ve never done before. You’ll make lots and lots of new friends and you’ll learn something new.

The American Holiday Association says this is a rare occurrence and wants you to get the fuck out of your manipulative workplace, and go out and start some shit.

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