People Claim Arrieta On PEDs

Every time a player figures it out years in their MLB career, sports critics claim that PEDs are the reason for their success.

The latest player to hit the rumor mill is Jake Arrieta. Those whispers recently got the megaphone treatment thanks to Stephen A. Smith, one of two paint-by-numbers provocateurs on "First Take."

Cubs GM Theo Epstein spoke on the matter, saying "I saw the clip of essentially an accusation on the ESPN morning show [First Take]," Epstein told the Kap & Co. Show on ESPN 1000 in Chicago. "I found it to be completely reckless. It's someone who has never met Jake, as far as I know, has never been in our clubhouse. I don't know if he's ever watched him pitch. [He] would make that type of accusation without talking to anyone who knows Jake and anyone who understands his work ethic and changes that he's made."

Yes, Jake has become an all-world pitcher over the past year, which has surprised many, but if you look at his stats over the past 4-5 years, he has progressively gotten better over time. He has developed an array of effective pitches and adjusted flaws in his game. It isn't like he's not all of the sudden throwing way harder. He has become a student of the game and worked on his craft.



Do you think that people will ever stop using PEDs as a reason that players have a surge in the middle of their careers?

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