#MeanTweets At Women Aren't Funny, Their Terrifying.

We all know the videos where celebrities read all the mean and hysterical tweets haters write to them. My personal favorite, "lil Wayne looks like a crab apple." However, when it comes to women, especially career women, these tweets go from light hearted to degrading, threatening, and down right disgusting.

Upworthy actually created a social experiment where men read mean tweets that have been written to two women in sports, who attracted these tweets by just doing their job, and being a female. Watch below.

Disgusting. Sexist. And inhuman. Women across the board are continually harassed online receiving death threats, rape threats, and even threats about their families, all because they are women, and it has become socially acceptable to call women cunts. Just look at how these men reacted to these tweets. Would you ever be able to say something like this to someone's face? End online harassment. End rape culture.

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