damn not what I thought

so this morning at 12 for me i was getting bullied by a group of kids online...I was able to act unbothered all day then at the end of the day I seen my friend and was talking to her about my crush and she said he asked one of her other friends to prom he told me he wasn't going at all on top of that I know this is going to sound bad but my girlfriend I think broke up with me via ignoring so guess this weekend isn't going to be as good as I hoped all of this the day before prom

this was a one time thing in sorry I just needed to vent to someone

Hello Im MaKenna or Kennastarz I am black and Korean and I love Kpop and anime and Japanese band called radwimps. my Korean name is 정혜윤. Thank you and 사랑해~ ❤
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