Your Entertainment: Chapter 3

Here's chapter 3! Finally! Word Count: 1,556 Genre: Fanfiction, BTS, KPop Summary: Taking a break from her schooling and finally earning enough money, she decides to go visit South Korea with her friend Anong Boonsri, who has already graduated college. But after meeting a special person who offers her a job that will change her life for the better, will she say yes?

The look on Anong's face almost made me spit out all of my food. Should have caught that on camera! "What for?" She asked, all of her focus on me. The way she was staring at me made me feel uncomfortable. Her already cow-like eyes even bigger than before. Is that even possible!? I slowly chewed my food, being careful not to choke on it, and downed it all in one go. I cleared my throat, setting my chopsticks down. My laughing came to a halt as I looked towards Anong, bearing a huge smile on my face. "Just for a job interview. The CEO called me himself." She nodded her head before doing a double take and choking on her water. She caught her breath before saying, "A job interview for what!?" Gosh his lady asks a lot of questions. Can't she just say 'Yay! I'm so happy' but instead I get 'For what' questions! How am I supposed to know!? I shook my head before getting out my seat, taking all my dishes to the sink to wash them. I sighed, "For a job you herp derp. What do you think a job interview is for!?" I laughed knowing she sensed my sarcasm causing me to get a smack to the back of my head. Can you not? I glared at her sideways, trying to keep a straight face. "Do it again and you'll see what happens." She laughed before helping me wash our dishes by taking over the left sink while I got the right. I mimicked her voice in my head, "Do it again and you'll see what happens~". Laughing to nobody but myself, we finished washing the dishes before heading to the dance room to practice. "What song would you want to practice?" She was looking through her playlist before finally picking a song and you'll never guess what it was. BTS's Dope was playing, booming and echoing in the entire room. We got in our places, mine being Jimin's and her's being Jungkook's. She doesn't know anyone else's parts. We were on the part that Yoongi was rapping. As I landed my move I twisted my ankle making me fall over, just to get back into my place, acting like nothing happened. Ouch. Well that hurt. I kept going, wincing from time to time. When the song ended I walked over to where her phone was plugged in, doing my best not to limp. Anong looked at me, shrugged, and was back to doing what she was doing before- downing her green tea HP. God that woman can drink. I silently laughed before putting on Random Play Dance. Out of my peripheral I noticed her giving me a challenging look. We all know I'm gonna win this, I smirked, slowly walking to her side and looking at the mirror prepared for whatever song was going to play. We wished each other good luck before the song Like A Cat by AOA came on. I know this song! Before I knew it my body was moving to the beat and suddenly the song switched to Catch Me by TVXQ. It went on like this for a couple hours before we were lying on our backs, out of breath, panting like we just ran 26 miles. Getting ready for bed, a whole bunch of thoughts came into my head, giving me a headache. What if Jimin doesn't like me? Will he just ditch me and go somewhere else? I wonder what kind of job I'll be interviewed for. Maybe a makeup artist? Or maybe even for choreography. I hope I'm not just gonna be some office lady. I can not walk in heels to save my life. I contemplated all these things in my head before specks of darkness started clouding my vision. Tap. Tap. Tap. The sound of tapping awoke me, rolling around under my sheets trying to ignore it. Tap. Tap. Tap. Can't it just leave me alone!? I groaned, irritated. I looked at my phone to see that the time was 9:37 am. But I don't want to get up! I whined to nobody particularly but myself. I trudged to Anong and I's shared bathroom, getting ready for the day. On the back of both doors were fully length body mirrors. I was sizing myself up again. Seriously Hatai? Just stop it. You've worked hard for this body. Deal with it. I started talking to myself, doing my morning routine, and jumping into the shower. Around fifteen minutes later I was out, drying my hair with a black towel, watching my every movement in the large bathroom mirror above the sink. Wrapping a towel around my body, I walked into my bedroom, grabbing clothes out of my now almost full closet. I was getting dressed when I heard a notification from my phone go off yelling 'You're a wizard Harry'. I giggle everytime I hear it, remembering a funny parody of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets off of YouTube when I was younger. I rushed over to it, grabbing it and reading my new text. From Chimchim: Meet me at 11:45 at the cafe. I'll be waiting ;) I have a surprise for you! To Chimchim: Got it. Be there soon! :) I felt my face start to heat up, a giant smile beginning to form. This is going to be so much fun! I thought inwardly while walking towards the elongated mirror in the bathroom. I looked at my outfit to see if I was looking decent enough. I was wearing a black and white baseball t-shirt that read 'Dance Queen~' in fancy cursive writing, along with a pair of light blue high waisted jeans paired with brown heeled ankle boots. I nodded in approval before putting on light natural looking makeup and putting my hair up in a messy bun. I'm not usually one for buns, but I thought Oh well. It won't hurt me. I decided to call BigHit back setting up an interview this upcoming thursday for Anong and I's interview. Striding down the stairs and into the kitchen I see her dancing in the kitchen while making some breakfast. I had no idea what it was but I do know it smelt delicious. I walked up to one of the cabinets, pulling out my medication before grabbing a glass of water and chugging it down. Ah, refreshing. "Our meeting is on Thursday at 1:30 with BigHit. Also, I'll be leaving soon cause I'm meeting up with Jiminnie later." She gave me a look of pure amazement. "I knew it! You guys were made for each other. But isn't Jungkookie also your bias?" I nodded sheepishly, giggling at everybody's nicknames for them. I helped set the table and we began eating breakfast. "If it tastes bad, let me know." Out of habit I started singing Let Me Know by BTS, food on either side of my mouth earning me the nickname 'Chipmunk' from almost everyone. Anong joined in on the song and soon we both finished eating breakfast, telling jokes while washing the dishes. Checking the time it was 11 am sharp. Crap! I gotta go! "Bye Anong! Love ya!" I hurriedly grabbed my wallet, a loose, plain black flannel, wrapping it around my waist and struggled to the door, loosing my footing in these heels that were only 2 to 3 inches tall. I heard her giggle at my clumsiness while saying bye back to me, adding a 'be safe' at the end. Walking out of our shared house, I strolled down the street with earphones on, listening to my favourites playlist. It was on shuffle so I had no clue what order they were going to play in. Right now Got7 Fly was playing. This was one of my favourite songs, notice it's on my favourites playlist. I hummed to the song, walking through the bustling streets of Seoul. The buildings were tall, just like back home, but the streets were cleaner, and the people didn't talk as loud. It's so nice here. I got to the cafe and ordered a caramel macchiato. I'm not into coffee, but I didn't sleep that well and I needed something that not only can keep me awake but can also taste good. I love myself some caramel. I went to an empty table, pulling out my phone and playing Don't Tap The White Tiles. My highest score is 1,998 keys. I was so close to getting 2,000 but I accidently tapped the wrong tile, my thumb slipped. Suddenly I heard the cafe bells ring, signalling a new customer. I thought nothing of it cause I was trying to play the song Three Little Bears before feeling a tap on my shoulder. Tap. Tap. Tap. It was just like when I woke up, but instead of just hearing it, I heard and felt it. Weird. Whatever Hatai. It's nothing. I ended the game, putting my phone on the table face flat, looking over my shoulder to see who it was tapping me, forcing me to end my game. I gaped my mouth in utter shock and my eyes wide open. I was pretty sure I could get flies from hanging my mouth open the way I did. "J-J-Jeon J-Jungkook?"

I hope you guys enjoyed! I tried my best!


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