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Why do you love Fairy Tail?

Wow, can't believe it's the end, but here.

Fairy Tail.

When I first began Fairy Tail, I knew anime, although I wasn't so into it like I am now. I pretty much watch every anime on Netflix. So, I was looking for a new anime to watch, and I came across Fairy Tail. The cover seemed like it would be a good anime, so I started it. I usually base the anime I watch on the theme song, and the the theme song was incredible! So, I got really into it from that point on. But to be honest, the first episode took me awhile to get into, and when I did, I fell in love. And after awhile, Fairy Tail became my favorite anime, and it is still my favorite anime today!


With the beginning of the anime, Natsu showed up more during the end, and it was incredible! When I first saw Natsu in the anime, I knew I would like him, because he just seemed like that anime character you would like. And I do. Natsu is an incredible anime character and is just so strong and great. I loved Natsu from beginning and I'll love Natsu to end.


The characters are just something else! I really didn't expect what I got. A stripper and all, I was like wow, this is going to be a great anime. I like how in the second episode Natsu had already started a fight with everyone at the guild. Gray is crazy for asking Lucy for her underwear, like she was just going to hand it over to him! I also really like how Fairy Tail tries to include every single character, I mean. that was new to me to be honest! But anyways, all of Fairy Tail characters, I can fall in love with!


I like how they called her a knight. I know females can be knights, but that's not something you see everyday to be honest. I really like how everyone is scared of her and how powerful she is. Because, before I started Fairy Tail, all the female anime characters were weak and always needed that male anime character to save them, and so I like how Fairy Tail changed that up! And from the day I started Fairy Tail and Erza came in, she was my favorite anime character!


Wow, I really haven't seen an anime like Fairy Tail with all the magic power they had. I was so surprised that there were so many powers and not everyone had the same kind. I mean, there were a lot of characters with God Slayer Magic or Dragon Slayer Magic or Takeover magic, but it wasn't every single character that had the same power. I really like that. And then, I love the fact that people who like this anime, can make a power based off of this! I mean, I even made on before.


I really wasn't expecting little flying "cats" at the beginning of this anime, but they were a nice addition to add to the anime. It made it better! I like how only Dragon Slayers can have exceeds, (spoiler) I was shocked at the fact that they were sent to kill them! I mean, I really wasn't expecting that. And I could hardly see little Happy killing Natsu, I mean his name is happy! My favorite exceed has to be Lily Panther, like I said and other cards, but I really do love that exceed, Frosch being a close second. (this is one of my favorite AMV for Fairy Tail!)


I love how sad pretty much every character of Fairy Tail past is. I mean, for me, I have to saw that Erza was one of the saddest! I mean, she was taken at a very young age, had to work as a slave, got her eye...I don't even know what happened, one of her best friends got taken for something he didn't even do, she tried to go save him, someone ended up killing themselves for her, she learned requip magic and fought, she found Jellal and tried to save him, he was already gone and turned evil, she survived but her other friends had to stay in the Tower Of Heaven and then everything was just so wrong in the beginning of her life, but I am so glad she got to Fairy Tail! (this is my favorite AMV)


There are so many ships in Fairy Tail, yet that's not what I'm talking about when I write the word "love". I mean, how much everyone cares for each other and are willing to die for each other and fight for each other and even live for each other, which has to be the hardest! They have fought many strong enemies for love ones and always end up on top because of how much they love their guild mates! I mean, everything Fairy Tail do is for each other and if no one would hurt the people that they love, Fairy Tail wouldn't have to take them down and everything! It's just that, the love in Fairy Tail is so strong, that I wish I could join Fairy Tail and be loved like that myself! (I hate this one because of all the feels, but I love this AMV)



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